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Attention Malaysians: Go cashless when you pay income tax and win a Proton X70!

It’s tax season! And you know what that means…

tis’ the season to be filing~ falalalala~

For many Malaysians, it’s that time of the year where we check our old receipts and start calculating how much taxes we need to pay. And with the end of April drawing ever closer, many of us might find ourselves lining up outside the LHDN office to pay our taxes; which isn’t exactly the most ideal option with Covid-19 within our midst.

But thankfully, these days we can just settle all our payments online, which is significantly safer and more convenient. And now, Malaysians can also stand a chance to win Proton X70’s, just by going cashless with the Cashless Boleh campaign!

Wanna win these amazing prizes? Read on for more info! Screenshotted from PayNet on Youtube.

Here’s how it works…

Unlike other contests that require long application processes, you are automatically qualified to participate in the Cashless Boleh campaign by simply performing any cashless transactions with selected government agencies via any of these 4 e-payment services:

1. FPX

Screenshotted from PayNet on Youtube.

FPX is a secure online payment gateway system that enables you to make real-time payments online by using your bank account. If you’re a person who has had their fair share of online transactions, you’ve probably already seen this during transactions with online merchants.

2. DirectDebit

feat. Abang Cashless. Screenshotted from PayNet on Youtube.

DirectDebit is a secure payment system which is used to pay bills or make recurring payments such as insurance premium, utility bills, and loan installment payment. After a one-time authorization, the funds can be taken directly from your bank account and deposited into the merchant’s account, which ensures that the payments can be made in an automatic and secure way.

3. JomPAY

Screenshotted from PayNet on Youtube.

JomPAY is an online bill-paying system that allows you to pay any bills to participating billers through the internet or via mobile banking services, using funds from your savings, current, or credit card accounts. It is also supported by 42 banks in Malaysia! JomPAY is completely free for consumers and does not require any specific form of registration. Simply log-on to your Internet & Mobile Banking and look for JomPAY under the Pay tab, enter the biller code, amount and you’re done.

4. MyDebit

Screenshotted from PayNet on Youtube.

But if you’re someone who still likes doing things the traditional way, by going to the actual counters in-person and making a payment directly, not to worry! There’s a way for you to make your payments in-person, and still stand a chance to win these amazing prizes. All you’ll have to do is pay with your MyDebit card (a.k.a. your bank ATM card) at the counter, and you’ll still be eligible to participate in this campaign.

And that’s not all…


You can also use it to pay your bills and saman!

Got a saman but put off settling the fine because you’ve just been too busy to head to the JPJ office? Or maybe you’ve been piling up your summons because you just haven’t found the right time to pay them all off? Well, now’s your chance to start paying off those fines and stand a chance to win a Proton X70!

You can participate in the campaign by simply performing cashless transactions at selected government agencies; and in this case, that includes the LHDN for tax payments, but also, government agencies like the JPJ, PDRM, and even Customs! You can refer to the image below to find out which government agencies these contest applies to, along with the payment methods accepted at each agency:

Perform cashless transactions at any of these government agencies and stand a chance to win! Screenshotted from PayNet.


So, this is how you can win:

You can also chant “i’m a winner” for good luck. #jokes. GIF from Giphy.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can participate in the contest by simply performing cashless transactions at any of the selected government agencies using any of the 4 payment methods. But you’ll also have to be sure that all transactions are made before the 30th of April 2021 and to keep your receipts or any proof of your transactions, as you’ll need it to be able to claim your prize.


Yes, it’s really that easy to win!!

It may sound unbelievable, but it really is that easy to participate in this contest! All you’ll really need to do is to just start performing cashless transactions when paying your taxes, bills, and summons; and you’ll stand a chance at winning the Proton X70! 

So, if you’re interested, you should definitely check out PayNet’s official website for more information about Cashless Boleh, and read the full Terms and Conditions of the contest here! Not only will paying off your bills and taxes become way easier and more convenient, but you might also get a new set of wheels in return for doing so too! 

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