CILISOS’ 2014 stats (and a quick word from our editor)

UGAIZ, As we come to the end of a difficult 2014, I’d like to just write a quick note about CILISOS’ first 8 months of existence (Our first article was published on 30th April 2014). We started this site with the goals of creating a moderate, more well-informed, and more optimistic Malaysia, and the response has been amazing. Here are a few brief stats from our first year.

1,47 million users came to our site generating over 2.77 million pageviews.

Our articles (all 225 of them) were shared 198,292 times on social media

Average share per article is 888 shares per article (WAH DAMN ONG WEI)

Yes, to a certain extent, this is a success story for our team, our investors, our writers and our designers. But honestly, when we started out, we weren’t sure if anyone would give a sh*t. With all the negativity that we see in Malaysian press, and the cynicism, we weren’t sure if CILISOS would actually fly. So more than for us, it’s a success for you.

You who forwarded our articles to friends.

You who talked about issues in a constructive manner.

You who liked our Facebook page.

You who let us know that you enjoyed our article.

You who took the chance to advertise with an unknown, and potentially controversial site.

You who had faith in a better Malaysia.

And it is that faith that powers us into a much better 2015. Thanks, and stay positive Malaysia. Because we love this country, and it seems that you do too. So the only way that Malaysia has any hope at all, is if we stay hopeful in a better future. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the optimism that Malaysia has shown in a year that tried its worst to snuff it out.

Announcing the launch of our BM site, SOSCILI.MY! (No, really one!)

Kim Jungun

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.
Be good now,


PS: What do you think of CILISOS’ first year? How would you like us to improve? Let us know in the comments below or email us 🙂


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