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Announcing the launch of our BM site, SOSCILI.MY! (No, really one!)

So this was our April Fool’s 2016 prank (read on, it gets interesting….)

Cilisos Hari ini kita ada makluman yang amat mendebarkan....


To the ones who thought we were turning into 100% BM site, well…

We were really touched with some of the responses….

cilisos april 2016

But don’t worry cos….



And to the ones who thought it was a JUST prank…

cilisos april 2016 2

Well done for checking your calendars but…


The truth is, we’re keeping english, but SOSCILI.MY is real!

SOSCILI april 2016We’re been toying with the idea of a BM version of CILISOS since we started almost two years ago. The thing is, CILISOS.MY‘s goal has always been to educate MORE Malaysians about Malaysia, and we know that the majority of Malaysians use BM as their first language.

So today, on April 1st 2016, we’d like to officially launch Just to be clear…

  • will continue to exist as a MANGLISH site, while will embark on the new frontier of Bahasa Malaysia, with our BM Editor, MK Zainal at the helm.
  • is NOT just a translation of, but an independent editorial team, doing stories catered specifically to the BM audience – using a similar (but not same same) combo of humour, analysis, and the wacky world of Malaysian current events.
  • Both teams will gain from each other in terms of research and content development, as well as sponsored content to keep us afloat.

We ask that you share this with all your friends who might prefer a BM version of our site. Here… visit our new SOSCILI social media pages

You can end up in a different country just by getting into a GrabCar

Instagram: soscilimy

Thanks UGAIZ for all your support…. and we hope you support our new portal in the same awesome ways that you’ve supported CILISOS since 2014.

Dengan Ikhlas,



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