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Eh who’s this mysterious American who got hired to kacau Malaysians?

Many of us would have some fond memories listening to hitz fm’s Morning Crew. Whether it’s how they lighten up the day with their laughing, or hilarious exchanges, or even their Gotcha calls. And even if the people hosting the show has changed over the years, most Malaysians would still remember the hitz fm Morning Crew.

But to stay as one of the best, one must be willing to try new things right? Even when they sound a little outrageous. And it seems hitz fm has raised the volume bar with their latest offering.


The new hitz fm Morning Crew announcer is an American!


Ey yo whadup dawg! Picture courtesy of hitz fm.

Jay R. Smith is the latest addition to the Morning Crew. He is a 25-year old from the USA but this dude’s no beginner to radio deejaying. He’s actually worked at 6 radio stations in the past, all in the US, and he even handled one of them on his own.

But wait, all this by the age of 25? This guy must have started really young right? Yes, he actually started his career as a radio deejay at the age of 15, which means he already has 10 years of experience. 


Original image courtesy of hitz fm.


But he’s never worked outside the US, so why come to Malaysia?

Jay tells us he’s never worked outside of the USA, so it did seem a bit strange for him to just pack his bags and move from Utah, USA to the other side of the world. But he tells us that it was actually hitz fm that got in touch with him first.


Image from ontheworldmap.com

And although he had already gotten used to being away from his family, it was still a big move for him. But after 2-3 weeks of thinking, he decided to give Malaysia a shot.

“I was really nervous at first because I’m a really picky eater. I was like “Man, I’m scared!” But then again I was like “Well, I’ll lose weight if I go!”” – Jay, in an interview with CILISOS

In fact, we’ve been told he’s so picky that during the launch of the new Morning Crew, he mentioned having only tried nasi lemak and kari (because he only eats chicken).


But maybe he’s tried it in the US, but doesn’t know because they have fancy name. Image from J&Y Productions’ official Facebook page.

On hitz fm’s side, they also mention that  this is the first time that an American will be on Malaysian radio. And even though it may seem like a big risk, hitz fm’s Network Content Manager, Raqeem Brian says it’s more like a challenge to themselves.

“We just wanna push barriers, and give out great content to the listeners. Once we saw him (Jay), we were like “Why not?” We’re going to bring something new to the industry altogether.” – Raqeem Brian

But even if they wanna try new things, how sure are they that this will work?

OMG. JJ and Rudy are back on air!? We ask them where the heck they've been


Of course he’s not gonna be kacauing Malaysians on his own

No Morning Crew would be complete without a…well, crew. Jay isn’t gonna handle the Morning Crew on his own. He’s actually gonna team up with current hosts Arnold and RD.


Arnold, Jay, and RD. Picture courtesy of hitz fm.

Aside from the usual Gotcha calls however, they’re also gonna be doing some new stuff like…

  • Dirty Pop (basically Hollywood updates, like Blac Chyna leaving Rob Kardashian a month after giving birth wthhh)
  • Mind Trap, and
  • Repost Of The Day. (the Morning Crew would be basically…reposting something entertaining they found on social media like maybe a snake caught in a spider’s web).

But the most interesting is probably Mind Trap where Arnold, Jay, and RD would each have a word which they would try to get a listener to say, and if the listener manages to avoid saying those words for a full minute, they win cash! So for example, just say the scenario is ordering something from a restaurant, and the listener is the waiter. The listener will have to avoid saying 3 words, which each of the Morning Crew will try to get the listener to say. And these words would probably be related like “price”, or “order”, or “burger”.

And the three of them seem to be rather excited about it. RD mentions that it’s kinda like their job to make Jay more Malaysian.

“It’s gonna be a whole different angle of pranks to how we talk about things now, so it’s very fresh.” – RD

“And on the flip side there’s a lot of things we can do to him because he won’t expect it!” – Arnold

In other words, though Jay might have been hired by hitz fm to kacau Malaysian mornings, it’s not gonna be easy for him because he himself is going to kena from them la. (Since he’s a picky eater, let him try durian? Or better still, petai.) But all this will be going down 6-10am on weekdays la.

In fact, they’ve wasted no time getting started.

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