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Why is TNB responsible for Selangor’s water cut? We explain this in 3 hilarious carols!

Just a few days ago, people staying in areas around the Klang Valley were greeted with the news that there were going to be massive water disruptions, across 814 areas and affecting 3.89 million people to be exact. TNB (yes, Tenaga Nasional Berhad not SYABAS), said in a statement that they needed to cut the water to do some maintenance work.

But wait, why is TNB involved in a water cut? Well it’s because TNB actually wants to do maintenance on 3 big water treatment facilities, which according to the National Water Services Commission (SPAN), is to done every 3 years to prevent any malfunction or electrical disruptions at these 3 plants.


This writer can testify to doing this right after finding out about the water disruptions. Image from Mgag’s Facebook page.

As we write this, many people across the Klang Valley have had little to no access to water since Monday. And with Christmas just around the corner, it’s no surprise people have expressed concerns about how the water disruption may affect the festivities.

“”Always no water, how can I make preparations for Christmas. The whole family will be gathering at my house. It is an inconvenience that is really disappointing.” – Christopher Lee, Retiree, as quoted by Malaysiakini.


So CILISOS has come up with a few water-cut friendly Christmas carols

Seeing as to how the Christmas mood had been dampened (pun not intended, also no water to dampen anyway) by the water cuts, we thought we’d come up with a few songs that could properly reflect how all the water-cut residents are feeling.

Deck The Halls (with Miles of Baldis)

Pails are a precious commodity during times of water shortages. The water they carry, even more so. But at least we were allowed to prepare for it the shortage this time round.


Silent Tap

They say you never miss the water until it’s gone. Perhaps the same applies to the sound of water flowing when you turn on the tap. And even when we know it will come back eventually, it doesn’t take away the pain of a silent tap.


Dem Bad Smell

Obviously one of the ways to save water is to cut down on baths. Sadly that comes with the side effect of smelling just a little less rancid than damp socks left in the washing maching for a hundred years. What’s worse when everyone is in the exact same boat.

Carols aside, when exactly are we going to get our water back?!

Initially it was believed that the water cuts would last a total of 6 days. But both the state and federal gomen have said that it will only last 4 days.

“Given that this water disruption exercise affects more than 3.8 million consumers, SPAN has agreed to ensure works to restore water supply to be done in four days and based on a ‘two days on, two days off’ rationing method at the two affected zones.” – Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry, in a statement, as quoted by The Malay Mail Online

And perhaps this could be good news as well that although the water disruptions as a whole will last 4 days, the “two days on, two days off” rationing method means that there will be 2 days without water, and 2 days without – Although this method itself has been said to be not very good. But the authorities did say that our water supply is scheduled to return back to normal on Christmas Eve, but we’d like to know if your celebrations/daily routine has been affected. Let us know in the poll below!

But water shortage or not, Merry Christmas everyone! – From the CILISOS gaiz

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