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Here’s a rare chance for Malaysians to see G-Dragon without make up

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably already pretty well-versed with the K-pop scene. But if you didn’t know, G-Dragon is one of the biggest and most successful names in K-pop. We may even liken him to Justin Timberlake cos they both started as child stars, became part of a boy band (NSYNC / Big Bang), before going solo and shooting straight into superstardom.

As G-Dragon’s third tour, the ‘ACT III: M.O.T.T.E‘ tour is said to be the largest conducted by a Korean male solo artiste. It’s also apparently his last one before heading off for military enlistment next year. And it’s SO huge, its debut at the Seoul World Cup Stadium had 40,000 fans. And guess what – tickets to the Seoul concert leg sold out within eight minutes! (Ahem… Coldplay Singapore tickets sold out in 2 hours…)

Check out the tour teaser here:

K-pop concerts are usually quite show-stopping la… This tour isn’t gonna hold back either, as his label said that the concert will be presented as a trilogy about his life where he spent a majority of it in the limelight.

Wah okay even though CILISOS isn’t that familiar with K-pop, we kinda wanna kepoh now. But like the Seoul concert, tickets to the KL show ARE SOLD OUT TOO! Dangggg these K-pop fans are fast! Luckily you can still score tickets from our friends at U Mobile.


Here’s how you can win pairs AND PAIRS of VIP tickets, soundcheck passes and U Mobile Zone tickets

Yes! Soundcheck passes! So technically you may get to catch him before he does all that stage makeup 😉

Now if you’ve been following U Mobile, you’d have noticed that they’ve been emphasising a lot on ‘unlimited-ness’. So if you have ‘unlimited passion’ for G-Dragon and ‘unlimited ideas’ on how to win, then this contest is for you. Check out the prizes:

  • Grand Prize x 5 winners: Each winner gets 3 pairs (YES 3 PAIRS!) of VIP tickets, and 1 pair of soundcheck passes
  • Consolation Prize x 20 winners: Each winner gets 1 pair of U Mobile Zone tickets

All you gotta do is:

  1. Record a 30-60 second video of yourself, doing something you’re passionate about. Don’t forget to use a G-Dragon tune!
  2. Upload your video to Instagram and complete this slogan: “I have unlimited love for U Mobile and G-Dragon because…”
  3. Mention @myumobile, and include these hashtags: #UnlimitedPassion #UnlimitedGrooves #UMobileMY and #UMobileXGDragon
[QUIZ] Can you drive PROPERLY in Msia? Take our JPJ-style test ;)

To increase your chances of winning, don’t forget to make your Instagram profile public. And since U Mobile’s colour is orange, use some orange elements in your video. Aaand get creative with stickers, emojis, editing tools… anything la that can get you noticed!

We even did an example for y’all:

Contest ends 8th September 2017. For more info, go to U Mobile’s Instagram account here.

행운 Haeng un (Good luck) and may you win a chance to see oppa live in concert!

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