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Interested in this K-pop megastar? Well we found him on Tinder… in Malaysia!

It’s not everyday where you get to swipe on a celebrity on Tinder, although in the past some of our thirsty Cilisos staff had swiped right on Syed Saddiq (he never swiped back) and.. uh… Tun M (real mature, ugaiz -_-).

But guess what – we found Seungri on Tinder!

Ok la… if you’re like most of Cilisos staff and tak kenal this guy, Seungri is actually this HUGE K-pop megastar who actually broke into the scene when he was part of the insanely successful K-pop group Big Bang. And since they were HUGE in driving the global K-pop influence, in a way you can consider Seungri the real OG la. 

Although he looks way too friendly to be gangsta la.


What’s Seungri doing on Tinder anyway? Cannot get match in Korea? 😛

Actually, it’s not actually Seungri… it’s our friends at AirAsia! They’ve just introduced their latest product,, and are partnering with Tinder to run this Seungri contest. Heh.



We’ll talk about the contest in a bit, but first… does the name ‘travel360‘ ring a bell? It’s actually their in-flight magazine! AirAsia has taken it a step further by turning it into a one-stop platform where you’ll be able to read 1,300 stories as well as destination guides, AND book your flights, accommodation, activities and even transport. Easy peasy lemon squeezy Seungri.

Deals on, and that's just a fraction of the things available on the site

Deals on, and that’s just a fraction of the things available on the site

With this reintroduction, they’ve partnered with their friends at Tinder to get Malaysians to Seoul. There’s a contest on’s Facebook page, where you can win 2 return flights to Seoul, 2 tickets to the ‘Seungri 2018 1st Solo Tour – The Great Seungri concert’ on 5th August 2018, and accommodation for the nights you’ll need to enjoy the concert. Click here for full list of details and rules, but hurry – contest ends in 2 days!

This Christmas, celebrate at the most EXTRAVAGANT music party in Malaysia!

Here’s how to join: 

  1. Download the Tinder app to your phone
  2. Like’s Facebook page
  3. Answer some simple questions related to Seungri here.
Go join!

Go join!

So yeaaa, sorry la Seungri not actually looking for Malaysian girlfriend… but who knows? You join the contest and win and try to be his yeoja* lor. (*여자 , aka girlfriend, awek, bae…)


Not into Seungri? Ok lo… 

Well not everyone is into K-pop, so thankfully there are pages and pages and pages of deals in Seoul and around it on (And AirAsia X flies from KL to Seoul 18 times a week!)

Nami Island tours Photo from Flickr user Tan Cheng Joo (CC)

Go for Nami Island and Petite France tours…. (Photo from Flickr user Tan Cheng Joo (CC))

South Korea's largest theme park, Everland. (oPhoto from Flickr user esharkj (CC))

… visit South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland… (Photo from Flickr user esharkj (CC))

... or visit Namsan Tower for a bird's eye view of Seoul city. (Photo from Flickr user whereavatravels (CC))

… or visit Namsan Tower for a bird’s eye view of Seoul city. (Photo from Flickr user whereavatravels (CC))

Not into Seoul? Much rather go visit Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii or experience the bustling city of Bangkok?

There are currently 25 countries and over 13,000 deals available on the site, so you’re bound to find something that you like. AirAsia also tells us that there will be more exciting news on in the future, so who knows what new thing you’ll discover 🙂

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