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FREE Warcraft tix for your whole kampung! Here’s how to get them!

HOMG WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING the movie is out in the cinema y’all! Yeap, the game that drained the lives out of many of our childhoods has now hit the big screen. 

Here’s the epic trailer in case you missed it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game/movie/mmorpg, WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING is set mostly in the fictional world of Azeroth where there’s magic, and orcs, and elves, and a whole lot of fantasy related stuff (kinda like Lord of The Rings). And if you’re keen to see the movie but you don’t know what it’s all about, maybe this will help.

But for those of you who are familiar, heck you’d probably already be calling up all your guild members (some of you may be even cosplaying) and gathering the raid to launch an onslaught onto the cinema. And if you’re doing that, do we have some good news for you.


webe is giving out thousands of FREE tickets to watch the movie!

derp orc free tickets 2

Original image from warcraftmovie.blizzplanet.com

That’s like…a horde’s worth! And yes, they’re all free.

So basically what is happening is that our sponsor webe has teamed up with TGV Cinemas to organise this. From 8th – 18th June 2016, these tickets will be up for grabs at 5 different TGV cinema outlets:

  • TGV cinema 1 Utama
  • TGV cinema KLCC
  • TGV cinema Sunway Pyramid
  • TGV cinema Gurney Paragon (Penang)
  • TGV cinema Bukit Indah (Johor)

And to get redeem your ticket, you just need to follow these 3 very simple steps:

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STEP 1: Download the webe850 app on your Apple or Android smartphone.
google play store
Apple appstore

STEP 2: Scan the QR code at the 5 cinemas mentioned above.

STEP 3: Redeem your tickets at the TGV cinema ticket counter! (But remember to redeem on the same day you scanned the code ya? If you redeem on a different day you won’t get anything)

brace yourselves warcraft

Original image from 2p.com

All movies will be screened on the 18th of June, also known as webe’s WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING Day. 

Remember the 5 TGV cinemas we mentioned earlier, well webe has booked 2 halls for each cinema (so 10 halls in total), and each hall will be screening the movie 4 times throughout 18th June. So just say you redeem your ticket at KLCC, your showtime will be one of 8 possible showtimes on the 18th of June. (Your showtime will be allocated to you when you redeem your ticket.)

That’s why there’s thousands of tickets available, because in total, there would be a total of 40 WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING showtimes dedicated to the winners.


Hurry up! Redemptions have already started!

Aside from the TGV cinemas in Gurney Paragon and Bukit Indah (you can start redeeming tickets there on the 10th) the other 3 cinemas have already started giving out tickets NAO!! So get yo’ As-eroth down to one of them cinemas ASAP!

So yea just remember, download the app, scan the QR code at one of those 5 cinemas, and redeem your ticket at the counter. And bring your guild, regardless whether you’ll all be cheering “Lok-tar Ogar” or “For the Alliance”.  😉

warcraft flying

‘scuse me, on my way to get my free movie ticket.

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