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Selangor Government subsidizes spaying and neutering for pet owners in the state

Good news pet owners in Selangor… the State Government is offering a subsidy to neuter and spay cats and dogs! This is great news as spaying animals can be pretty painful to the wallet – it can cost from RM200 to RM500 per animal.

So what is this Selangor Neutering Subsidy (SENS) programme about? SENS is funded by the State Government to help reduce the numbers of stray cats and dogs. It is a pilot project with a fixed fund managed by PAWS Animal Welfare Society. A sum of RM150,000 was allocated to PAWS by the state for this programme. Once the fund is exhausted, the subsidy ends, so if you want to get your pet spayed or neutered, cepat-cepat apply.

paws subsidy selangor stray pet spay neuter

Image from FMT


How to apply for this subsidy?

sens logo pet spay neuter

Screenshot from SENS’s site

To apply, just fill in this FORM. Basically the process is that you would have to get your pet spayed or neutered first, then only you apply for the subsidy and if it is approved, you’ll get the money. RM60 for cats and RM100 for dogs. Only one animal per application and one vet receipt per animal.

In the form, you will need to give them your bank and account number, an original copy of the vet receipt, a copy of the collage (photos of your pet before and after neutering), photocopy of your IC. Then you need to fill your pet’s details, and then you need to get the vet to sign a confirmation.

After completing the form in BLOCK LETTERS in black or blue, send it to this address no later than 14 days after the date of the vet receipt:

PAWS Animal Welfare Society
Pilmoor Estate, Subang Airport Road
47200 Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Wait, wait, there are some conditions you need to take note of before applying. C’mon, you knew there’d be T&Cs 😛 The catch is, to qualify, the applicant must be born in Selangor (as per NRIC). The procedure must be performed by an approved and licensed vet clinic in Selangor.

sample vet clinic sens neuter spay

Sample of a vet receipt you need to submit. From SENS’s T&C page

Each person is entitled to apply for subsidy for a maximum of 5 animals per week. The subsidy doesn’t cover pre- and post-neutering costs, pregnant animals, or animals receiving any monetary assistance/donation,/subsidy from any other source.

Did you know that one of the world's rarest dog breeds comes from Malaysia?

Also, another thing to take note of is the before-and-after photo collage you need to submit. Make sure your photo clearly shows the same animal (ie. show the face and distinct markings of the animal). The after photo also must show the animal in an awakened state and clearly show the surgical incision for neutering.

collage SENS selangor cat dog spay neuter subsidy

Sample as provided by SENS


How to know if your application has been approved?

Here is where SENS’s Facebook page comes in… The page will only be used to publish successful applications for transparency purposes. But don’t worry, they won’t publish your bank account details la, just the other bits, like vet receipt or whatever.

And it’s not going to be used as a platform for engagement, so don’t expect them to layan messages, comments and posts on their FB page.

At the time of writing, they haven’t posted any successful applications yet, so hurry and take advantage of this while it’s still available guys.


Selangor is the first state to neuter rather than kill stray animals

The main goal of providing this subsidy as mentioned, is so that we can control the population of stray animals in Selangor.

Aside from SENS, the State Government recently worked with SPCA also (in March) on a campaign to spay and neuter strays. They got the public involved by asking anyone who comes across strays to bring them to a panel vet to do it.

This effort makes Selangor the FIRST state in Malaysia to control the stray population by sterilisation rather than culling!

stray free selangor spca

Stray Free Selangor campaign launched in March. Image from The Sun Daily

To really nip the problem in the butt, spaying and neutering is still the best option to manage the ever-growing population of strays in Malaysia. It might seem like it’s a cruelty to prevent them from having offspring, but pets may live healthier and longer for it.

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