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Tell us a badass story of your datuk or nenek moyang and win cool stuff!

Growing up you’ve definitely heard your grandparents tell stories about their life back in the day. Sometimes the same story gets repeated like a thousand times, and sometimes in a very special moment they reveal something about themselves that they’ve been reluctant to tell anyone.

And even if they don’t tell you, sometimes you know deep down that they’ve probably done amazing things in their lives to get to where they are today.

“My great grandmother had a scar running down along her belly. Story is, they were chased out of their house in Imbi by a gang of thugs because the group was building a temple on those grounds. The scar was cos of a gash the thugs made when chasing them out of their house. Survived that, raised 8 children in Salak south instead” – Ming, 3rd Generation Malaysian

Wouldn’t it be kinda cool if we could see the lives of our ancestors through their eyes?

If you haven’t heard, our friends at 20th Century Fox will be releasing the highly-anticipated Assassin’s Creed movie in Malaysian cinemas nationwide on 22nd December!

Yes, yes some you may be looking at the title and wondering what do assassins have to do with ancestors?

Well the movie is actually based on the popular video game series “Assassin’s Creed”. And when we say popular we mean about 20 games across various platforms, a bunch comics, novels, and even a planned TV series!

Anyway, a lot of the franchise is actually based on the theory that the memories of our ancestors are actually passed down to us through our DNA. The story is actually set in the present where scientists use a really complex machine to allow certain people to relive their memories of their ancestors. And by certain people we mean descendants of an ancient order of assassins. But why assassins? Well you gotta watch the movie to find out.  😛

6 stories of Malaysian ancestors who are 100% badass

Sadly we don’t actually have the technology to tap into the memories of our ancestors….yet. But what we do have passed down to us are the stories that we’ve been told.


So why not tell us some badass stories of your ancestors? Can win premier passes to Assassin’s Creed!

So yea, we’re not limiting it to your grandparents or great grandparents but basically anyone of your ancestors! Err… doesn’t have to be about assassinations la, just cool stuff. The more action-packed or drama-filled, the better.

The most interesting stories will be rewarded with passes to the exclusive preview screening of Assassin’s Creed at 9.30pm, 20th December 2016, at GSC Mid Valley Megamall. 

But hurry, contest closes on 12th December 2016!  🙂 

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