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Tell us a RIDICULOUS WTF way to save mobile data & win movie tix!

Ok we gonna start with some stats to blow your mind.

Didja know that Malaysians watch YouTube more than ANYONE else in the world? The global average is about 40 minutes a day, but we spend 80 freakin’ minutes! And we have higher internet peneration than anyone else too! According to World Bank, our mobile penetration is at 140% and is leading Indonesia, Thailand and even the U. S. of A.! (But only Singapore and Vietnam in the SEA region have higher mobile penetration than our country.)

According to findings from TNS’s Connected Life 2014 study, over three fifths (62%) of Internet users in Malaysia access social media networks daily, whilst 52% use instant messaging every day… both higher than national averages.

And when we recently asked Malaysians what a realistic data cap for all this internet was… you can kinda guess how they responded…

realistic data cap mobile malaysia


“So how then? I NEED MY DATA!!!!”


WOOHOO SPONSORED CONTENT YEHOOO! Actually, you’re in luck because most telcos these days are getting more generous with their data. But the current king of the hill is of course, our lovely sponsor uMobile with 15GB worth of monthly mobile data for just RM70! OMGerdddd!

This offer is only valid till June 30th 2016 though, after which your line will revert to the normal 7GB a month for the same price. Calls are still unlimited and SMS prices remain cheap as ever 🙂 Also, unlike some other telcos, the data doesn’t come with any sorta funny conditions either.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an account with uMobile now!

In the meantime, for all you data-starved Malaysians…


Tell us your most EXTREME ways of saving data and win movie tickets!!

Image from the

Image from the

We want you to tell us of the most creative (i.e. idiotic/ridiculous) ways to save on mobile data. They don’t necessarily have to be serious or practical… We just want y’all to go crazy! (Hint: we got enough free WIFI entries already) Here are some examples from the office to get you started:

“Overtime at work so you can watch YouTube in the office!”

“Steal my friend’s hotspot password and secretly use it whenever he’s around.”

“Swipe right on Tinder, even without loading their pictures. Still can get dates mar…….”

“Use old smartphone with blur screen, so no need to load HD movies.”

The most CREATIVE ENTRIES (pictures help, but not compulsory) will score a pair of MBO movie tickets, courtesy of uMobile! Go use it for a date night with your plus one! Contest closes 25th March 2016!

    NAH, BACA:

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