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Remember the PDRM Perak Hari Raya Music Video? This year their video got trickshot!

This article was originally published in June 2017 but we’ve been updating it with PDRM Perak’s latest raya videos every year.


Yep. PDRM Perak are at it again! The cops that previous brought you that epic Raya music video in 2016, just launched a new high budget video… with CGI wei!

This one’s a bit more straightforward than the previous two, talking about what the cops do while Malaysians are baliking kampung, and a brief but intense (with CGI) action scene where some Ah Beng gangsta gets shot in the shoulder!

In 2017, they did a short story about a young boy, frustrated because his dad is too busy to celebrate Raya, so he vows to become a cop one day so that his dad can get a taste of his own medicine. Fast forward 18 years later, he’s just finished his mission and his parents video calls him telling him to be home for Raya…and he can’t coz he’s too busy!

[UPDATE: 25/05/2020] Despite being busy as one of our country’s frontliners during the global pandemic, PDRM Perak is back again with yet another raya video to depict their role during the pandemic!

Unlike in previous years, this time around, one part of the video was shot before the movement control order was strictly implemented in Malaysia. But when it does, the team used trickshot footage for the rest of the video. [END OF UPDATE]


Wahhh, why PDRM so sporting one?

PDRM Perak Raya video 1

Screenshot from PDRM Perak’s Raya video

Back in 2016 when the original raya video was launched, CILISOS contacted the film production company that made the 2016 video, Pandatechstudio Malaysia. And it turns out, the founder is a cop himself, Koperal Nazaril Erzad bin Mohd Najib from Cawangan D6 (C) Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Perak!!  [P/S: He played the “burglar” in the video. 😆 ] [PP/S: The house he was “robbing” belongs to the Jelapang Officer-in-Charge of Police Station (OCS)].

PDRM Perak Raya video 3 burglar Nazaril

Err why this pencuri so… kawaii wan? Screenshot from PDRM’s video

Nazaril LOVES making videos, so he and a fellow cop started Pandatechstudio last year as a part-time gig. (Yep, they do private videos too if anyone’s interested.) They named it that way because they’re both so big-sized, in his words. The inspiration for making this video came from their big boss Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Fadzil bin Ahmat, he’s the Timbalan Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (Risikan/Operasi):

“PDRM Perak has one high ranking officer that loves to do something different with media advertisements. He has taught me many things about the way films and advertisement go. He is not just my boss, but he’s our big brother, teacher and also a great leader.” – Nazaril told CILISOS

In case you’re wondering why the tune sounds so familiar, well, they parodied it from the song ‘Hang Pi Mana’ by Khalifah, but changed it to their own lyrics.

“The first reason is to bring a public message, to make sure they feel comfortable with us, to make sure they feel safe. In BM we say, ‘You mau balik, balik, kami jaga rumah’.” – Nazaril

And we’ve gotta admit that this is WAAAY better than the awkward nightmare that was Kastam’s GST video. (Watch the terrible CILISOS parody here.) It also looks like one of their more advanced and high budget videos we’ve seen the cops do for a simple public message.

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OMG how much money did PDRM actually spend on this video?!

Whenever any government organisation comes up with an initiative like this, some people can’t help thinking, oh no, how much money did they spend on this?? Would anyone like to take a guess?


The answer is…

…not more than RM3,000! That’s actually darn cheap for a video that looks like that, in fact, that’s cheap for any video according to our colleague from our sister company, MVP Digital, a video production company. (Considering the video is outsourced to Nazaril’s production company.)

PDRM Perak used money from their own budget, but they were able to keep the cost at a minimum because Nazaril used his own equipment from Pandatechstudio – the cameras (a Canon 5D Mark ii), their own lighting at the Perak contingent, the cars, the smoke, and 2 sets of DJI Phantom 3Advance Drones! Then they used the studio to do the dubbing and editing.

Also, all the actors you see in the video are not professional actors, but real cops… There is Inspector Muhammad Afiq, Korporal Adam Maxwell, Inspector La Paula, Korporal Zaidi and the policewoman who had a solo is Konstabel Fatimah Azzahra. From the singers, actors, producers, everything was done in-house.

PDRM Perak Raya video 4 real cops

Yes, these are real cops… not the cast of Gerak Khas.

Amazingly, they filmed it in only ONE WEEK. From 27 June where they changed the song lyrics, to 4 July where they did the final shooting, to the following day when they uploaded the video at 8am. In the daytime they would be busy with work, so only after berbuka they’d continue the filming. That’s why you see the two cops in the car eating kuih and drinking water at night.

“There is no time to practice. We created the script in the evening, and then at night, we called the singers and they sang on the spot. PDRM Perak has a team of singers. We always use them at official functions to sing.” – Nazaril


This video shows that cops are just like ordinary Malaysians

PDRM Perak Raya video 5 abah late night shift

Cops wanna Raya too, you know!

Gotta admit they really did go all out to connect with the rakyat. To tell the truth, this video received two sides of comments…there were haters, but some people really loved it.

“We wanted to send a positive message. We want people to see the other side of police. We (PDRM Perak) has a different way of bringing people the nasihat.” – Nazaril

We know sometimes some Malaysians don’t have the best perception of PDRM and even CILISOS has covered some of their boo boos, but whatever we might think we know about the police, they’re really just like us.

This video really shows us the human side of them who also want to Raya with their loved ones, which people often overlook. At the end of the day, these guys are the people who protect our homes when we are out of town… and for that they deserve our thanks. 🙂

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