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Vomited in popcorn bucket?! 8 Malaysians share their most memorable movie date, ever

Very recently, we asked our readers to share with us their most memorable movie dates. The good, the bad, the funny, the sad… and that’s cause together with our friends at GSC, we wanted to know what our readers were doing cosying up with their S.O. in the cinema! And that’s because, from our recent Great Malaysian Movie Survey 2019, we found out that Malaysians take their movie dates really seriously:

  • 7.3% stay back after the movie is over to “get comfy” with their dates (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN HUH??)
  • 3.5% say they choose watching movies in a fancier cinemas because they want to ber-romen with dates in better seats, and
  • 8.7% would spend more at the movies to impress their first date!

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Let’s get down to kepoh-ing, starting with:


The really sweet ones… 

1. Dude bought tickets for a date… 3 seats away from the girl?!

Amalina Tarmizi tells us the cutest story we’ve ever heard. She met this guy randomly on Twitter, and after talking for several weeks, they decided to meet up. But… it was not at all what she expected. “He was so shy, we didn’t talk, and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk all around the shopping center, killing some time,” she tells us. “When I asked a question, he only replied with one or two words.

She was about to lose interest with him because she found him lame, but when they reached the cinema, he invited her for a movie. Wanting to give him a chance and making it worth her time, she said yes. But…

“We proceeded to buy a movie ticket, and guess what, HE BOUGHT THE TICKET, BUT WITH DIFFERENT SEAT LOCATION.

I almost choked when I saw our seats. His seat was three seats away from mine, and the reason why was cause he was too shy to sit with me, saying that he wasn’t used to watching a movie with a girl.” – Amalina

Funny thing was that 10 minutes in, a bunch of random friends came into their row and funnily enough, asked if they could change his seat to the one beside Amalina so that they could sit as a group. “I felt like watching the movie alone, and even said to myself, if he wanted to ask me out again, I would say no,” she says. “But then, as he suddenly sat beside me, and I couldn’t stop chuckling. Even in the dark, I can see him blushing!”

She says that the movie date went smoothly, said goodbye, and proceeded to slowly get to know each other after that. Fast forward to 2020, and they’re now actually… MARRIED!  

Sent by Amalina

Sent by Amalina

“It’s 2020, and I am happily married with this random dude who bought a-seat-which-is-three-seat-away-from-me! Who thought that the movie date would be the plot twist of my life!”

When asked if she would change anything about it, she said no. “Every moment was timed and synced perfectly. Imagine if we chose a different movie time.. if we choose a different movie.. if those group of friends didn’t show up and if he didn’t buy his seat three away from me.. I guess things will turn out differently!”


2. Proposing with chips? It’s Pringles can, not Pringles cannot

Atiqah was out for a movie night with her boyfriend, and instead of popcorn they had Pringles cos why not right?

Midway thru, she opened the can of Pringles, when suddenly she noticed that there was a tiny box inside it. Suddenly, her phone rang too… but the name of the caller wasn’t one she’d seen before. It flashed: “Will you marry me?”

It turns out that her man had changed the name of his number in her phone, and that tiny box in her can of Pringles? It was a ring! Of course she hit yes on her phone, before quietly sneaking out of the hall to share a hug.


We’ve heard of rings in champagne glasses, but a Pringles can is new…

“Though we never finished the movie, that was the best moment of my life that I will never forget… And the man now is my husband!” – Atiqah Aimi

Atiqah says that while she would’ve liked to have dressed better and maybe have a video of the proposal, she nevertheless absolutely loved the moment as it was the day that made her the happiest. 


3. The bittersweet final moment

What Eunice and her date had was a connection, what they didn’t have was perfect timing. Eunice tells us that they had always missed out on each other. But the one thing they had in common was their love for movies, especially scary movies.

One day in Melbourne, they decided to go for Paranormal Activity 2, which, to her, was scary enough for her to accidentally hold his hand. In return, he put his arm around her, as a gesture of comfort perhaps. And they never let go for the rest of the movie for one very heartbreaking reason.

Hugs to those who watched this scene in La La Land

Hugs to those who watched this scene in La La Land

“We both loved and hated that moment, because we knew that after this date, we can never be together due to circumstances, and we can only cherished this time that we had. The moment we said goodbye, that was our only chance and time at being together.” – Eunice

While they’re both married to different people now and no longer talk to one another, Eunice wouldn’t change anything about that one movie date, because it was perfect, however bittersweet it had been.

“He will always be someone in my heart, I would like to say an unlikely soulmate that I can’t experience happiness on a long term basis with. When we are together, the world can be on fire and those feelings of love will come back.” – Eunice


… some funny ones…

4. Vomited into the popcorn bucket?!

Wai Keen had a crush on this colleague of his – you could even say he was quite keen on this girl. She was, according to him, ‘pretty, smart and outgoing’, while he was a reserved guy. So you can imagine the surprise he had when she said yes to a movie together!

They went for a horror movie, but midway thru the movie, Wai Keen sensed something was off cos suddenly:

“I guess she was not feeling very well and all the holding back from screaming in front of someone she is not close to caused the air to build up and at the very end of the show, she vomited!” – Wai Keen

Photo for illustration purposes, from Reddit

Photo for illustration purposes, from Reddit

Luckily for her tho, she had a popcorn bucket in front of her to puke into, and Wai Keen helped hold her hair up and wiped up any mess. It also helped break the ice a lil, which led them both to know each other better. They’d even go for more movie dates after that, and he ended up proposing to her at a cinema too!

They’re now happily married with kids, and even bring their kids along for a family night at the movies. The only thing Wai Keen would have changed tho is to probably have taken the pukecorn bucket off her la…


5 Tutup Aurat incidents WAY before 2015's "Sarong Trend"

5. Kissing with braces till bleeding

So Mei Mei, a college student at the time, had just gotten her braces. She was a lil self conscious about it, but luckily her then-boyfriend was patient with it la. Mei Mei claims that despite looking like the shark from Jaws with metal on her teeth, he still asked her out for their first movie date!

Thank you for blessing us with this image

Thank you for blessing us with this image

Aaaaaand then disaster struck. 

“He kissed me on the lips and as it was my first kiss after putting on braces, I didn’t know what to expect. His lips got stuck on my braces! …I don’t know what happened, he tried to pull away but he couldn’t! 

He yelled a bit and in shock, I pulled away! Then I saw his bleeding lips!” – Mei Mei



Mei Mei adds that while she absolutely loved that moment because of how sweet her boyfriend was to still go out with her despite the braces, she hated how she ended up injuring his lips. Despite feeling quite bad about it, she did say that regardless of what had happened, she wouldn’t have changed anything about it….. other than maybe having taken a mint first la heh.

That being said, it sure worked out in the end – despite lip injuries – seeing as…

“You know what? That boyfriend of mine is now my hubs of 20 years!” – Mei Mei

Mei Mei and her husband, 20 years on!

Mei Mei and her husband, 20 years on!


6. Kissing in a… religious movie?! O_O 

We all know or was that kid in school who had helicopter parents, and if you know helicopter parents you’d know that dating was tough – Lisa had no handphone or late nights with friends despite being Form 5 at the time. As such, you can probs understand why Lisa had to keep her boyfriend under wraps. 

The one time she did manage to go out with friends for a movie tho was cos it was a movie with religious themes that her parents had approved – but secretly still sit next to her boyfriend la. And uh, things got a bit funny from then on.

“I told my parents I was going out with friends to watch Passion of the Christ – so I was allowed to go – and I sat next to my boyfriend in the cinema.

Apparently, amidst all the gore and blood and violence in that movie, we both shared our first, extremely awkward (I believe there was some teeth-knocking and excessive saliva) kiss.” – Lisa

Kinda like this

Maybe not like this!

First kisses are always special – regardless of the violent, gory movie playing – so Lisa did say that she absolutely loved the moment and didn’t care for the blood everywhere in the movie. Buuuuut if she had to change something, she guess it would’ve been to be sweeter in the moment, as they were both really, really awkward.

But hey, Lisa and her boyfriend kept going out for another 15 years, and are now happily married with a 2-year-old too… so we guess it all worked out in the end 🙂

Lisa, her husband, and they're beautiful baby! <3

Family goals, you guys! <3


… and some nasty ones! 

7. Pervy sniffed my hair?!

Friendster. If you don’t know that name, you’re too young. But forreals, it was kinda like Facebook before Facebook became… well, Facebook. Anyway, Michelle wrote to us about how she met this guy on Fac- Friendster, and they decided to meet up for the first time at the movies to watch Gerard Butler in all his glory in 300.

And here’s where it gets weird. It was their first date and during the movie… the guy began to SNIFF HER HAIR.

“I had long hair at that time and throughout the movie this guy was playing with my hair (!?) and starting taking strands and sniffing it (!?!). I thought it’ll be awkward to snatch my hair back so I let it slide.

Later that night he texted me and said my hair smelled amazing.” – Michelle


Omg srsly guys this is CREEPY.

It’s probably not hard to guess that Michelle definitely hated that moment. Imagine watching some brutal war and murder scenes only to also have your hair being pulled and sniffed at at the same time. And if she had the choice, Michelle says she’d totally have cut her hair prior to the date…. tho if he still tried to smell her hair it might’ve been kinda worse.

Nevertheless, Michelle still has him in her Facebook friendlist… but adds that he was still kinda weird and would keep texting her after midnight, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


8. Ditched by a… perv?! >:-(

So Nur Iman was about to meet a guy she met from Twitter and after dinner, they decided to watch a scary movie (even tho she hates scary movies). No popcorn tho cos even tho Nur wanted it, the guy said sudah makan dy no need. Anyway, the creepy part of this story isn’t the movie – it was the guy. Like him not buying popcorn is bad enough, but imagine him trying to feel her up too!

Haa nak kena tampar nih...

Haa nak kena tampar nih…

“He started putting his hands across my seat and then onto my shoulders slowly moving down but before he could pass my chest I flicked his hand off…” – Nur

Big heckin yikes. And after having to tell off the guy AGAIN after he tried to make another move, the guy went to use the toilet. Sure, she thought… except the movie kept playing and playing… and still playing. And the guy was still not back.

Dah la scary movie all, alone somemore. After a long time, she went out and began looking for him. Still no sight of the guy, so she asked the staff working the concession stand… only for him to inform her that her date had left the cinema altogether! She was ditched.

“It was the worst date experience that I’ve ever had. Worse than having to pay for the men that brought me out!” – Nur


Congrats to all our winners! (Even the kesian ones…)

And the Grand Prize winner of the GSC Valentine’s Day treat for 2 pax at the Aurum Theatre goes to…. Amalina Tarmizi, entry #1! Masyukkkkkk! Do check your email for collection details. Hope you guys don’t end up sitting 3 seats away in the Getha Lux Suites, or he’ll prolly end up sitting with some random guy or girl!

For consolation prizes, the rest of y’all have won a set of our super pedas Cilisos-sos Tambah Pedas chilli sauces! Check your emails on how to claim them 🙂 Just don’t eat it during your date la, after your bekside shoot fire then habis.

And for everyone else who joined the contest, thank you so much for your stories! It was really difficult to shortlist our winners, we’d publish 50 stories if we could!

If you’re still looking for a date activity this Valentine’s Day weekend, go check out the Aurum Theatre available at The Gardens Mid Valley KL or Mid Valley Southkey in JB – it’s super swanky, super luxe, and there’s even bed-like seats for you lovebirds to cosy up to each other too.

Is this how couples talk

Is this how couples talk? This is how couples talk.

Just… uh… don’t go overboard with the making out k? This writer lonely. 🙁

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