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Has your dad ever done something brave for you? We want your story.

A father’s sacrifice for his kid is a pretty universal theme. Life isn’t always a pail of rainbows and in everyone’s life, especially for the traditional breadwinner of Malaysian families, there will be difficult decisions to make… especially when it’s your next of kin’s future at stake.

Sempena Father’s Day, we’re teaming up with our newest sponsors, Allianz Malaysia, to collect these stories about the bravest Malaysian fathers to be shared with the Malaysian public. This year, Allianz Malaysia carries the theme “Dare To”, which relates to how bold decisions can lead to great things.

And we’re looking for stories of great Malaysian dads for Father’s Day

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Going along with that theme, we’re looking for stories about your father, OR your own experiences as a father, and the decisions that might have seemed hard at the time, but paid off in the end.

Submit them to us by 10th June 2016, and if your story gets picked to be published, you’ll win a pair of MBO movie tickets for your troubles! Just fill up the form below 🙂

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    What situation led up to this difficult decision? (Please provide as much detail as possible)

    How did the decision work out in the end?

    Supporting images (not compulsory, but would definitely help your chances. A shot with your dad/child would be nice)

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