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We’re looking for the coldest office in the Klang Valley. Is it yours?

For some reason, there are many Malaysians that freeze in their offices. Maybe it’s our gentle tropical skin, or that our evil bosses are reducing brain activity to keep us from questioning the circumstances of our jobs.

But is your office really cold? CILISOS thought it was an interesting question that we could science. So we worked with Panasonic to set up a really cool competition.


Because of course, Panasonic will save you from your cold offices!

panasonic sky series

Yep, this is Panasonic’s new revolutionary Sky Series of air-conditioners, which introduces the concept of radiant-cooling. Rather than blowing the air in one of a few preset directions, the Sky Series blows air around the room, circulating around the walls of a room, insulating it from heat and cooling the room in an even way.

Panasonic Sky series 1hp

Yep… win one of these 1HP Sky Series if your office is the coldest in Klang Valley!

And yes, Panasonic is giving one of these bad boys away to the person that can tell us which OFFICE is the COLDEST in the KLANG VALLEY! How’s it work?

  1. Take a photo of what you and your colleagues wear in the office
  2. Fill up the form below to tell us where your office is
  3. CILISOS will shortlist a few entries and come to your office with a CANGGIH Thermometer (it was even featured in a Hollywood movie before)
  4. If your office wins, then you win a brand new canggih-manggih aircon!

P/S: This contest excludes those that actually work in a REAL peti sejuk (e.g. meat freezer, SnowWorld at Genting) la

Contest closes 1st March 2017, so hurry fill up the form below NOW!

Thinking about the new iPhone? Malaysians may wanna make sure they have unlimited data first

    Your Name*

    Your Email*

    What's your office address? (can cut n paste a Google Maps shortcut as well)

    Where do you sit and how cold is it? (don't need to exaggerate)*

    What do you think your office temperature is? (in degrees Celsius)

    Take a selfie with your colleagues in your office (and what you wear on a daily basis)

    - Not compulsory, but we will prioritise entries with selfies

    I agree to grant CILISOS Media SDN BHD and Panasonic Malaysia SDN BHD the rights to use the content I submit in their promotional materials, royalty-free and without limitations. However, neither CILISOS Media nor Panasonic Malaysia SDN BHD claim ownership of the content that you create, nor shall they be liable for damages resultant from unlawful use of the content submitted or any related copyright violations.



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