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What’s this stick that KDrama actors keep sucking on? We tried it & this is how it tastes

If you’re a K-drama fan, chances are you’ve probably seen the actors sucking on a little red tube:

Kang Ha-Neul in The Heirs

Kang Ha-Neul in The Heirs

Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollably Fond

Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollably Fond

Jung Hae-In in Something in the Rain

Jung Hae-In in Something in the Rain

This one admin dunno lmao

This one admin dunno lmao

But what is it exactly?!


We got our hands on this red sachet… and here’s what it actually is

If you thought coffee, you thought wrong – it’s actually Korean red ginseng extract!

Here's what it actually looks like

Looks like coffee though!

It’s by KGC CheongKwanJang, a health and wellness brand that has been producing and selling world-class Korean ginseng since 1899. Their ginseng is grown from strictly-selected farmlands, and cultivated by climate and soil conditions found only in the Korean Peninsula.


The KGC farm (left) and lab (right)

Now… we know that ginseng is immediately associated with old people and Chinese culture, but as it turns out, there are also plenty of young folks (in Korea, at least) taking Korean red ginseng as a daily supplement for their health. Apparently they actually drink it at work, while playing sports and… even on holidays?? So jaga sihat wei.

And unlike the kinda ginseng we Malaysians are familiar with (boiling the root itself for hours on end), CheongKwanJang has made it super easy for busy bees like ourselves to consume. 100% Korean Red Ginseng Extract that’s been diluted with purified water and packaged in stick pouches, making it easy to carry and consume anywhere and anytime. Oh, they’re halal-certified too.


‘Hong Sam Jung’ and ‘Everytime’ (top), ‘Hong Sam Won’ (bottom left), ‘Everytime’ (bottom right). For more details, click here.


So… what does it actually taste like?

Not gonna lie, this stuff is STRONG! It’s pretty potent considering there’s 100% red ginseng extract in it.

As you’d know, ginseng can be pretty bitter to the taste, but thankfully these little ‘Everytime’ stick pouches carry 10ml of the extract so it’s easy to drink at once. May even wake you up better than your morning coffee! We also tried the glass bottled version of the ‘Hong Sam Won’ (100ml) which was generally sweeter and less bitter.


Arjun, Jun Hong and Nadiya tasting ginseng for the very first time.

Badd gets it down in one go!

Badd gets it down in one go.

Not too bad, considering the fact that there are 6 main benefits certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration: boosts immune system, supports blood circulation, acts with antioxidant properties, helps recovery from fatigue, supports memory function and improves female health in menopause.

They tell us that there are also an array of other effects described in traditional oriental medicine, such as increasing stamina, strengthening the heart, improve resistance to infections, etc.


If you wanna try it out, it’s finally available in Malaysia… on Lazada!

As their first foray into our local market, KGC CheongKwanJang has just launched their flagship store on Lazada.

To help with that, they’ve even gotten Lee Min Ho, K-celeb extraordinaire who has just completed his military training, as the Global Brand Ambassador for KGC. (A 101 for those unfamiliar: he’s easily the most popular South Korean in the whole wide world, and we’re not even kidding.)


Click image to view store

Just click here to view the store and all the products that are currently available in Malaysia. Great as gifts (mother-in-law sure sayang you), or for your own consumption. At this moment, there are a number of launching promotions being offered – including ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free Time Sale’ for ‘Everytime’ and ‘Hong Sam Won’ until September 18th. Follow them on the store and you might just get some vouchers too… and if you’re nice, buy some for Cilisos pls 😛

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