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Zoo? Aquarium? Or theme park? We find out why Malaysians are flocking to this HK attraction

In Malaysia, we’ve got Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks, but they’re spread across the entire country. KLCC la, Taiping, Johor Bahru.. these things aren’t always within easy reach. Also, with children being as attention-deficit as they are lately, it’s likely they’ll spend a few hours there, and be bored. Then poor parents gotta go and find something else for them to do.

So perhaps that’s why so many Malaysians are still looking to Ocean Park Hong Kong, as a theme park destination. 

Malaysians visiting Ocean Park

It’s got no shortage of blog entries, thousands of Malaysian reviews hosted by our friends at, and most people reckon you need at least two days to cover it. Why? Well…


Um… they’ve got Anacondas, RollerCoasters, Sharks, Penguins, and even a bit of snow

Two park attendants spraying snow into the Artic Fox Den at Ocean Park - Image via wikipedia

Two park attendants spraying snow into the Artic Fox Den at Ocean Park – Image via wikipedia

Established way back in 1977, the park has expanded tremendously in the last 15 years, with hundreds of millions of dollars pumped in to increase its number of attractions and shows from 35 to over 80(!). Ocean Park Hong Kong is actually so big, it’s got a mountain in the middle of it.

That mountain separates the two parts – The Waterfront and The Summit, which are connected via a railroad, and a very very scenic cable car that can transport over 3,000 tourists an hour! If you’d like to take the scenery a bit faster, then you could try riding a rollercoaster that literally dangles your legs and goes off a cliff, into a fantastic view of the surrounding ocean. This… is the Hair Raiser.

If that’s too real for you, you can even try a first-of-its-kind VR Rollercoaster. Wait what…!? Yes. You strap in a Samsung VR headset, then strap yourself in to a mine train for the ride of a lifetime! Sure beats those MotionMaster rides.

500,000 Msians suffer from an incurable disease. Bleeding isn't the worst part...

vr rollercoaster ocean park

They’ve got animals of all kinds there, not just the ocean stuff including the huggable giant pandas, red pandas, sloths, giant salamanders, anacondas, otters and sloths!

The Chinese Giant Salamander is a 65kg cicak. Hooo boy.....

The Chinese Giant Salamander is a 65kg cicak. Hooo boy…..

As shown in the first image, they also have a very special exhibit for the Arctic Fox, where they try as best as they can to mirror its true living surroundings.


Oh, and there’s some Ocean related stuff too… duh

So there’s the Grand Aquarium, which houses over 5,000 fish, and in 2014, they even added an additional 20,000ft shark aquarium, which houses over a hundred sharks and rays (some endangered like the sawtooth ray), and has a crazy 360-degree view that goes down three floors! The shark display is also part of a growing No-Sharks-Fin movement, that is growing within China and Hong Kong.

Oh and of course… penguins. For a small fee, you’ll be able to get really up close and personal, even ringing the loceng for makan time!

ocean park hong kong penguins

Image via Zoom’s YouTube

OK la… seriously not bad for a 41-year old park

And you know what, we haven’t even covered the numerous exhibitions, the region’s biggest Halloween party, and a whole bunch of animal interaction like feeding penguins, prepping panda meals, and even playing with seals and dolphins. Aiya… nah watch video easier….

So how much will this all cost for Malaysians?

Well, it’s usually around RM248, but Klook currently has an offer of just RM201 for a day in the park! If you’ve gone before, do let us know why you flocked there k?

Click here to find out more deals from Klook!

Click here to find out more deals from Klook!

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