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HeeHee. We match 11 inspirational quotes to Malaysian leaders :)

So we were browsing through Facebook over the weekend when we came across a series of inspirational posters featuring Kim Jong-Un. Seriously, it looks like something Kim Jong-Un himself would say to himself in the the mirror every morning:


Click here for moar!

As we were looking through the #kimspirations, we were ourselves suddenly inspired – why not make inspirational posters for other great leaders? Why not make them for our local Malaysian leaders? And this is how we came up with our own series of posters we’re gonna call #1Motivasi

In order to carry out this heavily patriotic task, we went to BrainyQuote, googled pictures of a few local leaders, and ran them through Instagram-like filters on Photogramio. Oh, and we added a news link for each leader just in case you need a refresher on who they are. Here’s what we got…

(Click on the images to enlarge)

1. Datuk Ahmad Maslan

1mostivasi maslan

Click here to find out more about Ahmad Maslan!

Unedited image credit: The Kuala Lumpur Post


2. Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

1Motivasi Rosmah

Click here to find out more about Datin Rosmah!

Unedited image credit: The Star via Asia One


3. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar

1Motivasi IGP

Click here to find out more about IGP Khalid!

Unedited image credit: The Rakyat Post


4. Tuan Guru Dato’ Seri Haji Abdul Hadi Awang

1motivasi hadi

Click here to find out more about Tuan Guru Hadi Awang!

Unedited image credit: Malaysiakini via Rakyat Marhaen


5. Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Yassin

1Motivasi Muhyiddin2

Click here to read more about Dato’ Muhyiddin!

Here’s how many times the M’sian govt cut subsidies in the last 10 years

Unedited image credit: Din Merican


6. Datuk Jamal Yunos

1Motivasi Jamal

Click here to find out more about Jamal Yunos!

Unedited image credit: Channel News Asia


7. Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak

1Motivasi Najib

Click here to find about more about PM Najib!

Unedited image credit: BBC


8. Ibrahim Ali

1motivasi ibrahim ali

Click here to find out more about Ibrahim Ali!

Unedited image credit: Malaysiakini


9. Ridhuan Tee

1Motivasi ridhuan

Click here to find out more about Ridhuan Tee!

Unedited image credit: Free Malaysia Today


10. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1inspirasi Mahathir

Click here to find out more about Dr. Mahathir!

Unedited image credit: The Star


11. Lim Kit Siang
1Motivasi Lim Kit Siang

Click here to find out more about Lim Kit Siang

Unedited image credit: Suara TV


Eh why so few opposition wan?! CILISOS anti-gomen!!!

Before you accuse us of being berat sebelah by not including enough Opposition leaders, let us just say that we really, really tried but none of them were funny enough to make the cut. So it’s… a compliment to those that are featured here?

But yea, if you’d like to make some for our Opposition leaders or anyone else because the ones we have here aren’t funny enough, you can attach it to the comments section below or, better yet, on our Facebook page. We’ll feature the ones that make us laugh in this article. Let’s make #1Motivasi a thing ugaiz!

Just keep it sedition-free okay, cause…

“I go wherever my creativity takes me” – Lil’ Wayne, from BrainyQuote.




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