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8 ironic times Malaysian enforcement officers committed crimes they were supposed to prevent

Everyone loves a good, ironic joke:

oh the irony

Haha, haha, aww.

But what if the irony involves corrupt Malaysian officials who screw up the very job they were meant to do?! Here are 8+ times Malaysian were caught committing an offence that they are supposed to PREVENT! -___- “


1. A senior police officer who stole a buncha stuff from his neighbour’s house

Recently, a police officer was caught STEALING from his neighbour. LOL, ironic much. The 31-year-old Inspector attached with the Bukit Aman HQ, armed with a knife, was caught coming down the stairs carrying a bag of stolen items. He had stolen a handbag, a computer monitor, VR simulator, coin deposit boxes, and smartphones. According to reports, the police were alerted about the break-in and when they arrived at the scene, the Inspector put up a fight to resist arrest.

This isn’t the first time a cop found himself on the wrong side of the law, ironically. In September, a cop robbed a cyber cafe at gunpoint and ran off with RM2,000 in cash. K la, we know that cops can go bad, just like cabbages, but they were sworn to PROTECT people from crime.  😐


2. JPJ Deputy Chief who drove on the emergency lane

jpj officer emergency lane

He looks a bit TOO happy for someone who was caught committing an offence. Image from The Star

You’d think that someone from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) would know Malaysian road laws… don’t break the red light, don’t go over the speed limit, don’t DRIVE ON THE EMERGENCY LANE. You know, rules like that. So it was a bit (a lot) what da heck when former JPJ Deputy Chief Yusoff Ayob was caught driving on the emergency lane!

The prosecutor had argued for maximum sentence because, hello, he’s like JPJ’s second-highest ranking officer, he should be held to a higher standard, but nooo, the court decided to slap him with a RM2,000 fine. No wonder he’s still smiling.


3. The Miri school teacher who sold syabu

Toooootally. Photo from Quickmeme

Toooootally. Photo from Quickmeme

With all the anti-drug emphasis and dadah membawa padah murals in school, it was pretty ironic when a school teacher in Miri was caught selling drugsThey found 27g syabu in the armrest of his car that had a street value of RM4,000! Maybe school not paying him enough?

When they caught the 33-year-old teacher, he’d already been selling drugs for four months, and even had international clientele in Indonesia. Thankfully he wasn’t selling to his students la, or else their grades won’t be the only thing that’s high.

We found another case of a teacher in Sungai Buloh who was caught growing marijuana behind his house, and had plants which were eight feet tall.


What’s that they’re always saying? Stay in school, don’t do drugs? Image from The Star


4. The anti-corruption officer who blackmailed a police officer


MACC officer detained for extortion and demanding money from a police office. Image from Malay Mail

Everybody knows that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (or MACC, in short) is the authority that is supposed to fight corruption, in case the name wasn’t obvious enough. Whether or not it keeps corruption away is another story lah.

But an MACC Assistant Superintendent was arrested for demanding a bribe from a police officer in July this year. The 38-year-old official threatened the cop that he would be arrested by the MACC if he didn’t pay him RM3,000 – MONTHLY. But the cop decided he wasn’t going to go down like that.

“After the victim met with the MACC officer at a restaurant and handed over the RM3,000 in cash, a team of policemen remanded the suspect and seized the money.” – Nik Ros Azhan, Seberang Perai Tengah District Police Chief, Borneo Post

And now the MACC Chief himself has had his integrity questioned about some affair with a married woman, jeng jeng jeng!


4. Thea teachers who leaked UPSR exam papers

Kesian the students who had to resit! The Malaysian Times

Kesian the students who had to resit! Image from The Malaysian Times

Teachers sometimes like to torture their students with really difficult exam questions. We bet they all cackle evilly and exchange stories about it in the bilik guru (or at least that’s how it plays out in our heads la ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). But then THIS group of teachers did the opposite and bongkar all the questions for the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) exam in 2014.

Douglas Lim did the unthinkable when he was faced with an audience of only 4 people in 2012

They leaked it through WhatsApp, where it spread like wildfire. They were arrested for it of course. Education Director-General Khair Mohamad Yusof called them traitors who are not fit to be teachers.

“There are some among us who are willing to sacrifice their integrity and tarnish the good reputation of the teaching profession. I consider the group as ‘guru nila setitik, bukan guru sejati’ (a few bad hat teachers who are not true teachers).” – he said

Because of the leak, students had to resit Science, English, Math and Tamil. So for people who already made holiday plans, cannot jalan la.


5. The Islamic Affairs officer who committed khalwat

khalwat religious raid

Screenshot of Channel 4’s short documentary on khalwat raids in Malaysia

We read a lot about people being caught by the religious police for khalwat (Islamic law that forbids an unmarried Muslim from being alone with someone of the opposite sex). These incidents can be traumatic for the couple. People fear it so much that they’ve jumped out of building windows, causing serious injury and even death. The maximum penalty under Syariah law is two years in prison and a fine.

In an ironic turn of events however, an Islamic Affairs officer Siti Khadijah Md Ghazali, 27, and young imam Mohd Noruddin Salam Naluwi, 29, were caught for khalwat. Officers from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raided the house after receiving a tip-off about the unmarried couple living together. They were sentenced to 14 days’ jail and fined RM2,900 by the Gombak Timur Syariah court.


6. Immigration officers who smuggled foreigners into Malaysia

immigration officer

Pic for illustration purposes only. Image from

Here’s what immigration officers DO: Smile and check people’s passport to ensure that the person who entering the country is ELIGIBLE to enter. Here’s what an immigration officer DOES NOT DO: Smuggle blacklisted people into the country.

I know, I'm sorry. Photo from Cat Planet

I know, I’m sorry. Photo from Cat Planet

Even though that job scope is as clear as day, apparently 37 Malaysian immigration officers didn’t get the memo, because they were arrested for letting in foreigners illegally not once, not twice, but for TWO WHOLE YEARS! For each ‘case’, the officers had pocketed from the people they smuggled in from RM200 up to as high as RM2,500. So, over the course of time, they amassed about RM18 million.

How their little immigration ring ran was that they would change the data in their systems, allowing those who were blacklisted from entering the country, to enter. From this, 16,000 blacklisted foreigners were able to enter Malaysia. Most of their ‘clients’ were from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and China. The scariest part is that these 16,000 people, who were probably blacklisted for good reason, are now secretly among us…


7. Wildlife officers who are in cahoots illegal wildlife traders

pangolin smuggle perhilitan officer

Perhilitan ranger inspecting a rescued pangolin. Image from NST

Have you heard of the Lizard King? He is notorious wildlife trafficker Anson Wong. In 2010 he was arrested for attempting to smuggle 95 boa constrictors, 2 rhinoceros vipers and a matamata turtle in his luggage to Indonesia. For that, he was given a measly 6-month prison sentence. The thing is, he’s been arrested before! But when he was asked by Al Jazeera how he was able to continue trading, the Lizard King replied, “Ask the government”.

Was he implying he had inside help? We dunno. What we do know is that the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) admits there are officers who are in cahoots with illegal traders. It’s so ironic because they are supposed to be protecting wildlife, instead, here they are helping traffickers to smuggle them.

Perhilitan is alternately lauded for its wildlife protection and criticised for what seems to be widespread corruption, persistent secrecy and complicity with illegal activity, it is reported.


Well, if you want to commit a crime, might as well go where it’s least expected

Trying to iron out these facts be like... GIF from Giphy

Trying to iron out these facts be like… Image from Giphy

It’s ironic when the people you expect uphold the law are the ones who break the law. Having said that, it wouldn’t be fair to say every official is corrupt, though at the same time, we know corruption (or perceived corruption, however you want to argue it) does happen a lot in Malaysia. But hey, if you want to commit a crime, go to where it’s least expected, right?

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