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11 Most Sesat Autocorrects from CILISOS Readers

Free Social Chat HotlinkTwo weeks ago, we put out a call on Malaysians to submit their worst Autocorrect moments for us to enjoy, and boy did you guys not disappoint. Each winner here gets a pair of GSC movie tickets, courtesy of Hotlink (in fact we’re running ANOTHER contest right now!).

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Some of these might even be picked for Hotlink’s next brand campaign, and the one that gets them the most clicks will actually win a phone! So yes, pretty exciting contest this one… but for now, just sit back, don’t be driving and get ready to laugh your nuts off (yes, a few of these are a bit PG-13).

1. Something in the water

A happy customer tells a swimming coach how much one of his students has progressed.

Swimming student gets HIV SESAT AUTOCORRECT   chak   Cilisos Sdn. Bhd. Mail

From EJ Yeap

2. Classroom lisan test

Two naughty girls checking out the lecturer in a classroom.

naughty student

From Grace


3. Sinner’s supper

Everyone’s favourite chinese dude, Fu Ken Ho rejects supper.

bobbles is just consistent with the typos SESAT AUTOCORRECT   chak

From Marcus Wong


4. Blowing on it might work

“Someone was giving advice to a fellow friend on an ointment to help relive her muscle ache but the helpful phone decided on a more ‘fragrant’ solution.”


From Catherine Kok

Maybe she meant Fung Yau?


5. Verapamil’s habits

“So I was asking my friend what time will her assignment be done in Malay, but my autocorrect decided to change it on its own to some words I do not understand.” 

pupil verapamil habbits

From Nicky



6. Light apple vinagarette

Cos y’know what Apple users are like…

Apple Vinagarette

From JJ Lee


7. Where got smoke, sure got…


From Nura

“I was running while texting my boyfriend…”


8. ALS fatal to all good intentions from dad

“I was actually talking on a serious disease in regards to the ALS ice bucket movement but unfortunately my phone had other ideas. Or maybe it just has something against a parent ;)”

unintentional dad curse

From Catherine Kok


9. Daddy’s digits

“Typing on a touchscreen can be difficult for those who are digit-tally challenged.”

Big father typo

10. Are you druvk!?

zef screenshot

From Zeke

This was from the girl who consented to being used as our example in the original contest announcement (in exchange for movie tickets, of course). Here’s another example from the same girl, having a conversation with another perfectly sober Malaysian.



11. Reds! Unite and get angreh!

It seems that booze and touchscreens don’t mix well peepur.

Merge Merah And Marah

From Nikki F

“A case of pot calling kettle black – talking about someone who was under the influence of alcohol when the sender was also.”


Thanks for all your father fingers!

As usual, us and the lovely peeps at Hotlink had a ball of a time going over your entries! To the winners, you’ll be notified via email very soon about how to collect your movie tickets. Look out for some of these entries in a banner ad near you soon.

Oh and did we mention we’re gonna do it again?

Join our BAD MENU ITEMS contest here!

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