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How much time do you spend in front of the TV? Take the CILISOS Kaki TV Survey 2017 now!

What a time to be alive! Gone were the days where we were limited to movies and series on our free TV channels… today, there are SO many series and movies for us to choose from.

View more titles at

View more titles at

Speaking of TV, by now you should know that our friends at Astro have provided Malaysians with a wide variety of movies and shows to choose from. In fact, now, you can even watch back-to-back movies and an entire season of TV shows! Just use your PVR and download series and movies that have been released. Instead of watching them week-by-week, you can even download them all at once and watch each episode and it won’t be “potong stim”.

There’s a variety of channels and shows for your binge-watching fix: HBO’s Game of Thrones (up to Season 7!), British shows like Victoria and Sherlock Holmes, Fox Movies, and even Korean dramas like My Secret Romance, My Sassy Girl and Suspicious Partner all completely on demand. The best part is, you can download, rewind, and rewatch them whenever you want.

So with that in mind, we wanted to ask Malaysian couch potatoes with a knack for binge-watching… What kinda series do ugaiz like watching? Do ugaiz snack on popcorn or keropok ikan? How many episodes can you binge-watch in one session? Do yall even get enough sleep??

Take our CILISOS Couch Potato Survey 2017 today! Hurry, 10 lucky respondents will win a pair of our exclusive CILISOS chilli sauces… so you can dip your fries in them on your next binge-watching session 😛

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Survey closes 19th June 2017! 

cilisos couch potato survey

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