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CILISOS turns 4! Please take our survey and help us improve :-)

[TL;DR – Take our feedback survey here.] 


Wah. Has it really been four years? *checks grey hair* Yep, it definitely has.

It’s crazy how we’ve managed to be in the Malaysian content space for such a long time, especially for the few of us from the original founding team. We began in April 2014 without really thinking about where we were going with this, so we found a lot of nice surprises along the way, like signing the first of many sponsored content campaigns… 

Screenshot 2018-04-23 18.55.09

Special mention to our clients: thank you so much for supporting us along the way, we’re alive and kicking because of you guys 🙂

… to coming up with SOSCILI.MY, our BM counterpart… 


Special mention to Soscili’s MK who’s on a sabbatical: miss you! Take care! (Take survey too!)

… and the unfortunately short-lived

Doesn't matter, we hired a fantastic guy for the job who's permanently part of our family now :)

Special mention to the guy we hired: So that didn’t work out, but doesn’t matter… we’re just happy you stuck around as a permanent member of our family 🙂

… creating our own CILISOS-SOS, not once but TWICE….

Special mention to everyone reading this: We're also selling our CILISOSOS! 1 set RM25 (RM30 with delivery).

Special mention to chilli addicts: We’re also selling our 2018 version of CILISOSOS! 1 set RM25 (RM30 with delivery). It’s really PEDAS.

… that time some political big guns shared our stuff… 

But it did happen ok.

But it did happen ok.

… bidding goodbye to fellow founding team member and ex-writer Uihua, who went on to kick ass as editor at


Special mention to Uihua: Miss your writing! You as a person not so much. (Photo taken from Donald’s FB without persimmons eheh sorry)

… and adding some new members to our team as well 🙂

(Though sometimes it feels like a warzone in the office...)

(Though sometimes it feels like a warzone in the office…)


PR firm releases survey showing Harapan gomen is "inconsistent" and "confusing"



Having done this for four years, it’s time we got some much-needed feedback from the most important people on earth: our readers. We wouldn’t have gotten here without you, and neither would we get to the next 4 years.

So… love us or hate us, fan or foe, long-time reader or first-time reader or even an ex-reader, here’s your chance to tell us about what you think about us, and what you’d like to see more of in the future.

We love our jobs and we love this site, but we need your help to make it better 🙂

Take the CILISOS Feedback Survey 2018 here.



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