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The Results for the CILISOS AWARDS 2014! (Part 1)

Welcome to the inaugural (that means first time) CILISOS AWARDS 2014! Oh and if you’re wondering why none of the fields you voted in are here, that’s because they’re…. IN PART 2! Open this link in a new tab and read later:

CILISOS AWARDS 2014 (Part 2 – Readers’ Choice!)

But for now, Part 1 is about the awards we decided on ourselves through massive scientific efforts.

You are totally an idiot MEME

ORAIT! Let’s get started….

1. Favorite Facebook Share/RetweetFavorite-Comment

Honorary speech by: Lydia

From the very start of our CILISOS days, we’ve received all sorts of comments. The compliments encouraged us to keep doing what we were doing, the criticisms helped us triple check ourselves and see things from another person’s perspective, and we can’t be more thankful for all our commenters.

But this guy… This guy took the cake.

Too Pong’s the same guy who won the WTF article in our Reader’s Choice Awards, FYI. In case you missed it, he’s that Hokkien dude who did the ALS ice bucket challenge with his own pee and we have MAD respect for him. Chak dumped CILISOS packets (#notimpressed…) while Uihua dumped a combination of water he saved from brushing his teeth and taking a shower (thanks for saving your dirty water dude). But TOO PONG PEED in an ice tray, FROZE them, then PUT ‘EM BACK IN HIS PEE!

All for what? To raise awareness about the water shortage we were facing and the level of irony with everyone taking the challenge. And this badass wants to name his third child after us.

Too Pong, lu chin eh ho liao leh. Lim peh onz ah!


2. Best Not-Sure-if-Insult-or-Compliment CommentNot-Sure-Insult-or-Compliment

 Honorary speech by: Chak

Ok, we’re not perfect. We know this. Which is why we so surprised, much ado, very the amazing to receive this comment. At first, we weren’t even sure if it wasn’t just SPAM that our engine didn’t manage to filter. Then we saw the name GLASSMAN had a blog attached to him. And guess what?



Say “Ass saa laa mmuu aa laik komm” to GlassMan’s blogspot. We read his blog, which interweaves personal experiences (“New Fences!“) with political commentary (“Darah Satria: Cerita sebenar yang tak pernah diceritakan oleh PAS, kenapa PAS disingkirkan dari BN.”). Reading through a few of these, we THINK he’s being sarcastic, but we’re still not entirely sure.

3. Most Flirtatious CommentMost-Flirtatious

Honorary speech by: Lydia

So one fine day Ms Jo-Lyn wrote a piece about how Malaysia can better prepare for floods. The comments were rolling in on Facebook with more ideas and suggestions to the story, and boom… Siva throws this at us. We think he’s flirting with her! *wink*

Siva, if you’re reading this, sorry if you’re married with kids but our office is already kacauing Jolyn about you. And lemme just add that Jo’s a foine laddeh, a real sweetheart too. If I were a guy I’d also wish I had some tom yam, yo.

And ’cause her ‘About Me‘ is so non-descriptive, lemme tell y’all just a lil more. Jo loves char kueh teow (default lunch order), Rota chips (newfound obsession), cola candies (the sour ones) and chamomile tea (Twinnings). Loves ridiculous toys like the shrilling chicken and toy grenades. HATES insects to death. Mosquitoes, ants, flies, poop flies… Yeah she hates em. Oh and she has unintentionally said some of the most hilarious, sassiest stuff in we’ve ever heard in our lives. A real unique snowflake!

Ok I can feel her embarrassment right now so I’m gonna stop. Sorry Jo, love you! x


4. Most Trolly CommentMost-Trolly-Comment

Honorary speech by: UiHua

We might not always be aware of it, but there’s a very subtle art to trolling… too snarky/obvious and people will think you’re a flamer or a government bot; too subtle and people won’t get it or think you’re a government bot.

In June’s (the writer, not the month) article about explaining ubat lelaki kuat to kids, there were a number of comments that kinda shoved the sex in our face but Ken Ong’s comment seemed to have the perfect balance of genuine innocence and a dirty wink. The matter-of-fact reply by Anthony Vincent Devarajah just sealed the deal for us. Oh, and Anthony’s reply is our runner-up for winning this category.

5. Most Insightful Comment Most-Insightful-Comment

Honorary speech by: UiHua

When I documented my puasa experience, the one thing I wasn’t expecting in terms of response were the numerous words of encouragement and tips given by CILISOS readers both on the article comments as well as our Facebook page. While we do get (and appreciate!) compliments and additional info from our readers, there seems to be something a little more personal with the fasting tips… It almost felt as if there was a camaraderie formed with people I’ve never met before, and that’s a very warm feeling to have.

How easy is it to make bombs in Malaysia? The answer might surprise you.

Screenshot 2015-01-16 13.35.43

However, Chilladoe’s response is singled out as being the most insightful because his tips were detailed and covered areas which I didn’t consider when going into it. Also, there’s something in the way he says it that makes me look forward to trying this again this year for double the duration – 4 days! (Yes, I’m a pansy)

6. Best Use of Meme in ArticleBest-use-of-meme

Honorary speech by: UiHua

What’s in a meme? Does a picture of any other kind look just as LOL? – Shakespeare Tan Ah Chai

While we’ve use a whole lotta funny pictures in our articles, we were unfortunately limited to the definition of a meme, which we define as “What shows up when I type “meme” into Google Images.”

After a long discussion, we settled on the Hadouken Kim Jong Un meme from our North Korea article because it was one of those that looked so out of place that it becomes hilarious. I mean, look at that expressionless face contrasted by the size of the energy blast! Funny right?! RIGHT????

FYI, here was the initial winner before Lydia pointed out that it wasn’t a meme. Gee thanks Lydia  🙄 



7. Most Flamed WriterMost-flamed-writer

Honorary speech by: Ariff

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for this award, and for supporting me. And thank you to CILISOS for paying me to write lols. Also, a shout-out to the flamers. Your kind and thoughtful words really motivate me. I would not have won this without you guys. This award is for all of you.

(CILISOS note: Here’s the article Ariff got flamed for. It’s also our most-commented on article by a long shot, at least until his next article. Stop making controversy dood!)


8. Favorite CILISOS WordFavorite-Cilisos-Word-2

Honorary speech by: Jo-Lyn

UGAIZ’ is probably our most used word in our articles. The first person to start using in a CILISOS article is Matt Ho (we think). Thanks Matt! We thought at first we were so cool making up a word that recognisable to all our readers… but it turns out other people have used it way before us. It’s on Urban Dictionary. There goes our royalty right.  🙁

Our runner up was “Abohow,” a combo of ‘abuden’ and ‘how’. This word was first used when CILISOS editor Chak asked a question, then someone answered, but Chak didn’t buy it, then that someone said ‘Abohow?’ as a question of ‘abuden how you wanna do this?’

(CILISOS note: That someone was Jo-Lyn :P)


9. Favorite CILISOS FriendCilisos-friend

Honorary speech by: Chak

When CILISOS first started, we were desperate for good writers. Then I came across this brilliant article.
LoyarBurok    maria ozawa

Yea. I know right. I thought it was very close to the kind of tone we were looking for with CILISOS. So got his number from a friend and called him out for a coffee. I didn’t know it was him when I saw him at the cafe, cos I didn’t know lawyers could have PONYTAILS.

It was then we discussed at length an article that would take a look at our PM’s 1Malaysia website. Unfortunately, Fahri’s enthusiasm made it a very very LONG and technical document, which sadly, we were never able to publish. Thankfully, despite wasting his time (which we have apologised for profusely since), Fahri’s enthusiasm has kept him as a constant wealth of knowledge about how laws and politics interplay, which has been ABSOLUTELY invaluable in any of these articles.
For always having time for us, and never turning us down, we want to award him official CILISOS BFF Status!



Awright, so that concludes our awards for 2014! Thanks again to all of you out there who continue to support/flame/troll us, and see you again for next year’s awards! 😀 If you want more awards, check out Part 2 with all the winners chosen by CILISOS readers: CILISOS AWARDS 2014 (Part 2 – Readers’ Choice!).

Also, if there are any awards you think we forgot about… e.g. “Best looking CILISOS Employee”, email us at [email protected].

Till  next year (if we haven’t been arrested yet)…


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