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Murderpedia? Eating ashes?? M’sians share their strange internet rabbit hole encounters

The Internet is an amazing place with unlimited access to A LOT of stuff. You name it – recipes, cat videos, discussion forums, binge-watching shows, games, and many other things. Although a 2018 MCMC survey found that the average Malaysian normally spends 1-4 hours of their day online, you’d probably know a whole lot of people who are above average in that regard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We’re willing to bet that a lot of your time staring into a screen happens when you go down a rabbit hole, even if you’ve never heard of the term before. It may just start off with something as simple as innocently Googling more info about a show you just watched. Next thing you know, you’re on a website that’s not even related to the show, with no idea how you got there. Congrats, you’ve spent an entire day going down the rabbit hole.

Didja know the term ‘rabbit hole’ came from Alice in Wonderland? Gif from Tenor

So, the curious cats at CILISOS and SOSCILI, along with our friends at Hotlink, decided to kepoh and find some of the weird things Malaysians have discovered online. And, boy, their stories didn’t disappoint – See for yourself!

So…uh…Why are CILISOS and Hotlink so kepoh??

Well, truth is, we’re pretty sure most of you have fallen down the rabbit hole before la.

And you’d keep asking yourself this question. Gif from Tenor

So here’s the thing. Going down the rabbit hole isn’t only just time-consuming – some of our interviewees claim to have spent up to 12 hours – but you may also have spent a LOT of your mobile internet doing this. But don’t worry, there’s a solution if you find yourself maxing out your mobile data.

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See, our friends at Hotlink want you guys to enjoy going down the rabbit hole with no interruption (unless your mom calls you to do chores, then that one we can’t help la ok). And with their latest Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited plan, you can enjoy unlimited Internet for only RM35/month!

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With Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited, you will have access to unlimited Internet and calls, 10% cashback on app purchases when you use Hotlink credit in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store besides other exclusive and personalised deals and rewards offered in the Hotlink app itself!

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But that’s not all. If you’re a huge K-drama fan, you can also enjoy free premium access to Viu. In other words, you can stream ANY series and films on Viu for free with Maxis TV when you purchase this monthly Internet pass. In other words, if you like K-drama, Hotlink is o-K for you! #sorry #wetried

So whether it’s for the K-drama or rabbit holes (K-drama rabbit holes omg!) you can grab a Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited pack from Lazada or a Hotlink Store near you. Also, tell us your own rabbit hole stories in the comments!

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