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Got a burning question about Malaysian money-changers? Ask us and win! (Not money)

At some point in time, most of us will need to change money. Whether its SGD for a quick envious pop over our southern border, or some USD for a rainy day, a visit to our friendly neighbourhood money changer has become a part of our lives that we often don’t think too much about.

We see them all the time in malls. We often take a peek at their LCD boards, and walk on without a word, or sometimes we join a massive queue just to save a couple of sen. But have you guys ever wondered what goes on behind the seemingly bulletproof glass and the standup fan?


So CILISOS is teaming up with one to answer your money-changing questions


hot currency deal merchantradeWe’ve got quite a few questions as well (e.g. is the glass actually bulletproof?), but we want to hear it from you guys. And once we get all these questions, we’re gonna be pointing them straight at our new buddies at Merchantrade.

And they would know a thing or two about it. From humble beginnings in 2001, Merchantrade has grown to over 300 branches handling money transfer and money exchange, transacting RM4.5 billion a year across over 300 branches just in Malaysia!

Oh and if you download the eForex app (Apple users click here), you don’t even have to go to the branch. Just get the app, and check out their super-competitive rates, ESPECIALLY every Monday, when they select a currency under their HOT currency deal! FYI last week it was 100 Thai Baht for RM11.62 (market rate 11.68!) and 1 English Pound for RM5.33 (market rate RM5.35!).

4 reasons why pegging the Ringgit might not work like 1997 [Update]

Hard to beat yea? Which is why they’d be the best guys to answer YOUR questions about money-changers.


So ask away! And you could win…

We want you guys to ask Merchantrade ANYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about Money Changers, and also just for fun… what you THINK the answer is (feel free to get creative here).

Winners will get movie tickets (via SMS… omg!) and a cool eForex Luggage tag to go with it! Contest closes 21 August 2016!

Your Name*

Your Email*

Your phone number (if interested in winning movie tickets!)

Your burning question about Money Changers

What do YOU think the answer to your question is? (feel free to be creative!)

Any relevant photo (Not compulsory, but would definitely help your chances!)

I agree to grant CILISOS Media SDN BHD and Merchantrade Sdn Bhd the rights to use the content I submit in their promotional materials, royalty-free and without limitations. However, neither CILISOS Media nor Merchantrade claim ownership of the content that you create, nor shall they be liable for damages resultant from unlawful use of the content submitted or any related copyright violations.

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