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Like to goncang? Here’s how you can win the X70, Proton’s first ever SUV

*Burp* Wahlao… is anyone else dem kenyang from all the eating they’ve been doing at Raya Open Houses this past week?

No? Just us? Ok... GIF from Suria Records.

No? Just us? Ok… GIF from Suria Records.

Well, for many of us Malaysians, another Hari Raya has just come and gone. Another season of bermaaf-maafan, ziarah-menziarahi and of course… DUIT RAYA?/FREE FOOD?, depending on the age group you belong to.

But even though the holidays are over and we’re already back at work, we discovered that the Hari Raya celebrations are still going on with a HUGE BOOST to the festivities and some exciting news. Mainly…


… you can shake your way this Raya and win the new Proton X70 with Boost

Shake all day err day

Shake all day err day

For those of you who haven’t heard of Boost, they’re a mobile wallet app that aims to make transactions easier, faster, and more secure by letting users pay for purchases, send money, top up phone credits and much-much moar WITHOUT the hassle of cash!

And so, for this Raya all the way up till the 18th of August, Boost is giving ugaiz a chance to win RM2.5 MILLION worth of amazing prizes with their Super Shake Campaign! Basically, all you have to do to win is to make payments by scanning the QR codes and paying your bills, or topping-up through the Boost app.

Simple right? Pic from Boost.

Simple right?

The GRAND PRIZE for Boost’s Super Shake Campaign this year is Proton’s BRAND NEW X70 SUV. If you haven’t heard, the Proton X70 is Proton’s VERY FIRST SUV as well as the first product released by Proton ever since they inked their partnership with Chinese automaker Geely. And with all the rave reviews the X70 has been getting, it’s easy to see how Proton’s sales have been going through the roof for the first time in FOUR YEARS because of this car.

So all it takes for you to stand a chance to win one of these bad boys now is 20 tokens – a pretty great deal for a car whose starting price is RM99,800 ?. (FYI – 1 token = RM10 accumulated spend using the Boost app. You also don’t have to physically go out and spend to get tokens… easily do it while on your bed by paying bills, reloading top-ups, etc.!)

Balik kampung won't be such a pain anymore

Balik kampung won’t be such a pain anymore with this baby.


Thinking about the new iPhone? Malaysians may wanna make sure they have unlimited data first

Tak dapat SUV also takpe, got other stuff… like GOLD?!

Of course, if 20 tokens might be a little too much for ya to win a Proton X70 SUV with, you can also try using it to win other stuff, like RM3,000 worth of GOLD from HelloGold. Serious weh, this one can keep as investment for the future sommore.

If you like watching Michael Bay explosions or crazy HD Planet Earth documentaries, then there’s a 49″ 4K UHD TV from Samsung up for grabs. Or if you want some flexibility, there are RM1,000 Uniqlo gift cards as well as 50,000 Watsons Points too! Beyond that are RM80 Cashback, and RM100 Bill Cashback, as well as RM50 Cashback Reload Top-Up. 

Super Shake Weekly Prizes (3rd batch)

Besides these, there’s even all sorts of offers on Boost with their “Makan, Shake, Makan Lagi!” promo at F&B outlets, “Shop, Shake, Shop Lagi!” cashback promos at hypermarkets and malls; plus “Lepak, Shake, Lepak Lagi!” promos for movie tickets and mobile top up! Check out their full list of promos this Raya here. 

The bottom line is, the more you spend, the higher your chances of winning. And even if you don’t, you can still get rewarded by Boost for making your transactions using their app for everyday purchases! So why not head to Google Play or the App Store to download the Boost app if you haven’t already.


You can Boost it at these merchants to gain more tokens! For the full list, click here.

Considering you’re obviously gonna be eating, shopping and chilling out anyway, why not pay through Boost? You won’t get charged extra, and if anything, there’ll only be rewards to gain. So go on and start spending, and shake things up at your Raya celebrations this year 🙂

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