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So… this is awkward. Maxis and Digi released almost the same Merdeka video.

So within hours of each other, both Maxis and Digi released their unity videos in celebration of Merdeka 2014. We know this cos they both kinda sent their individual links to us (you can see we actually posted the DiGi one on our FB page first). Of course, they both have the usual messages about unity and how we’re all family. But er…

Maxis’ tagline: It’s ok. We’re family


And DIGI’s? We are Family


Full disclosure: Maxis is a CILISOS advertiser, and DiGi isn’t. That’s why you see in the featured image, Maxis’ picture is like 7.24% bigger. YEAH.


AND OMAIGERD, we really like both of them!

They both play off similar themes of familiarity, and cross-cultural love, except Maxis has a white dude in theirs. But hey, maybe this is a way of saying that despite all our differences, tensions, and competition…we really ARE all family (especially since ed’s sis used to work at DiGi, and now she’s at MAXIS). And that’s not such a bad thing right?

Er… right?

UPDATE: YES RIGHT! FB love updates from both parties below 🙂

2  Maxis awww

from Maxis’ FB

2  DiGi Telecommunications awwww

from Digi’s FB


(@Celcom: come join also! Then we can reenact this one… which is one of our all time favourites)


FYI: Don’t think these offers are valid anymore.

UPDATE: Maxis has brought its campaign one step further with these AWESOME cards. Each one has a different name to call your loved one, depending on their race.

maxindian maxinese maxay

Damn cute lor. Know anyone who looks like this? Drop us an email [email protected]. Send your own here, or click on any of the images above.

There's no place like home - emotional MAXIS ad makes us wanna throw our passports away


UPDATE: CILISOS Freelance developer and overall nerdball Michael Kwan has a problem with our math. As you know, our editor’s specialty is not MATH.

Michanal 14

Things are looking up, Malaysia… Happy Merdeka!




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