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Sosword Puzzle: Try beating our Tambah Lemak at the Mamak crossword!

If you’re not sure how to play, instructions can be found after the puzzle. Happy solving!


How to play

  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ button below to start the puzzle. On desktop, a small window will open, and on mobile, a new tab will open. This is perfectly safe, and no sign-up is necessary.
  • Click on the top left button to turn off checking. Leaving it on will turn every wrong letter red. Click it again to turn it back on.
  • The second button opens an on-screen keyboard. On desktop, you can press the space bar to alternate between across and down answers.
  • Clues are displayed at the bottom of the screen, with the amount of letters in parentheses. More than one number means multiple words in a single answer.
  • You can also open the list of clues by clicking the top right button.
  • The puzzle will reset by refreshing this page. Otherwise, you can just close the puzzle tab/popup and continue later.

Additional notes for this specific puzzle:

  • Since they’re mamak themed, some of the answers might be in Bahasa. So if your English answer didn’t quite fit, try the Malay version of the word. You know, like how people speak at the mamak.
  • There are several ways of spelling some foods, so if it’s a Malay dish name, we’ll be using the standard spelling as set forth in the Kamus Dewan. For others, just… test to see which version works lo.
    • mi” for the yellow noodles
    • bihun” for mihun/meehoon
    • kuetiau” for koayteow/kuetiow/koeyteow etc


Click here for answers


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For the purpose of future crosswords, let us know what you think of this one in the poll below, or comment 😉

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