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WIN an exclusive set of CILISOS-SOS bottles! Here’s how ;-)

Since our very beginning in 2014, everyone who heard about CILISOS.MY mistook us for a real chilli sauce company. Mother father friend boyfriend cat dog all.

Even Google lor...

Even Google dei…

So anyway, we decided… what the heck la, let’s create our own chilli sauce! And close to 2 years of ding-donging, we finally secured a manufacturer who worked with us to create 2 special recipes that will truly tambah pedas to anything you eat.

One version is the ‘Tambah Pedas’ (a.k.a. ‘normal’ but trust us, it’s already pretty spicy) and the other is the ‘Tambah Tambah Tambah Tambah Pedas’ (a.k.a. the super spicy one).

FYI, all ingredients used by our manufacturer is halal. 🙂


Wanna get your hands on them??

We’re not selling them at the moment, buuuttt we are giving CILISOS readers a chance to win them! Every month, we’ll choose the 5 most ‘pedas’ commenters on our articles (either on the site or on our Facebook posts). If you’re not sure what that ‘pedas’ comments mean, well… think of comments that are witty, clever, burn… anything that will pique our interest.

Each winner will walk away with a set of our CILISOS-SOS. That’s 2 bottles, 1 flavour each! 

So get your fingers moving, cause our exclusive giveaway ends 30th June 2017 😀

These 5 facts about CILISOS will SHOCK you! #4 literally ELECTROCUTED me!

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