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Actually… How much space does RM120 million take up?

So recently, news came out that RM120 million was taken from Najib’s various residences. Although the money was in various currencies, we were curious how much space it would take up. Here’s a rough calculation.

An RM100 note is 0.12mm thick. How many of these would it take to be as tall as Najib?

RM 61 million in cash

Image from Malaysia Times of SABAH water cash raid

The biggest note in circulation now is RM100, which measures in at 0.12 x 140 x 65mm. So if it’s RM120 million, that’s 1.2 million notes. Let’s assume they stacked the notes as high as Najib, who stands at 1.78 metres

1.78 meters = 1.78 x 100 x 10 mm = 1780mm.

How many RM100s would be as tall as Najib?

1780mm / 0.12mm per note = 14,833 notes per Najib stack

Assuming the cash was just stacked, without boxes or any sorta wrapping, that would be

1,200,000 notes divided by 14,833 notes per stack = 81 Najib-high stacks of notes.


Do keep in mind that Najib is a wee bit chubbier than a single stack of RM100 notes

Assuming each note takes up 140x65mm, stacked in a 9×9 configuration, that’s 1260 mm x 585 mm, which is actually just 0.7 square meters x RM100s up to Najib’s height.

Oh. Actually not that much hor. Seems about right also, given that the picture above of the Sabah water scandal totaled RM61.48 million, and seemed to be able to fit inside a room.

Tu je. Sorry for wasting your time. Sekian.


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