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Hey Malaysian movie buffs! Tell us your most ANNOYING cinema experiences!

Getting to finally watch your favourite show after monthsandmonthsandmonthsss of waiting is one of the greatest pleasures in life! You’ve got your tickets in hand, your popcorn ready, your comfy pants on, your bladder all emptied…

Running to catch the new Frozen II like


But it only takes one inconsiderate jerk to completely ruin the experience. Talking non-stop throughout the show, taking off their shoes for the whole cinema to smell their stinky crusty sweaty feet, or even bringing in strong-smelling food that the cinema obviously doesn’t sell -_- Urgh!

Actually, few months ago we ran a cinema behaviour survey with GSC, and found that Malaysians have pretty varying levels of tolerance for annoyances. P/S: Chinese speakers were the most tolerant, with 30% of them saying that they will never tell someone off in the cinema. That’s a whole 10% more than the English speakers, of which two thirds of them will voice out if someone’s kicking their chair! 

Haih… how nice if we didn’t have to endure all these right?

In fact, how NICE if we had an ultra-comfortable experience each time we go to the cinema.  😥

Imagine you and your tushy butt on a super luxurious, super atas seat… and some exquisite contemporary cuisine on the side… Well! Our friends at GSC has just introduced their latest, swankiest baby called Aurum Theatre. It’s so atas even the word ‘aurum’ itself sounds so sophistiqué. (Try saying it out!)

There are three halls and all of them are equally gorgeous. First up is the Getha Lux Suites – totally high-end, for the ultimate luxe experience. The luxury recliners are custom-designed with antibacterial sheets and covers from Getha. Comes with a pillow to support your body while you relax, and a nice blankie to keep you nice and warm! And yes la, they’re all changed after each show.

Has phone chargers and even a personal call button for assistance… wah like butler service liddat.

aurum 3 rooms

Then there are the Comfort Cabins (exclusively in The Gardens Mall) for those who want the classic Gold Class experience. It has a really nice recliner, and like the Getha Lux Suites, it also comes with a fuzzy blankie, a personal lamp, and phone chargers. Lastly there are the Escape Studios (exclusively in The Gardens Mall), catered for more adventurous movie goers with a variety of seats, from La-Z Boy rockers to IMG recliners to four-seater sofas. They’ve also got several decor themes, and our favourite? The one designed after Wes Anderson’s quirky style duh!

Tun M wants to create a new international currency with GOLD. Here's why that might work.

A full cinema experience wouldn’t be complete without food and drinks… and for Aurum, they’re introducing Jin Gastrobar, which serves made-to-order cuisine by experienced chefs. It’s a full-service restaurant, so you can choose from mains, sharing plates, gourmet snacks, cocktails… we hear their pan-seared mentaiko pasta and sizzling prawns are lit af. No need to smuggle in funkydory food la.

You can just taste it from here… Photo from GSC

Actually right, if you reeeally want privacy or if you’re planning a special event (*ahem*willyoumarryme*ahem*), they even have a Private Screen for private functions. Sits 20 pax, you can host your own movie, and even comes with F&B from a private bar.


Wait wait wait… what do ALL these have to do with annoying cinema habits?

Yeah, did Cilisos just lose the plot?! Well, actually, if you’re gonna be spending on a high-end cinematic experience (RM150 for Getha Lux Suite + F&B), you defo DON’T want anyone annoying you for a second. And that’s why GSC is equally kepoh with us to find out YOUR annoying cinema experiences!

Ever had to deal with someone’s smelly breath while laughing?

Or have popcorn spilled all over you a la Mr-Bean-watching-horror-movie?

Or someone revealing at the start that Ironman dies in Avengers: Endgame?!

Tell us your MOST annoying cinema experiences – the best entries will be featured in our upcoming article! And we’ll give you our exclusive, limited edition Cilisos Tambah Pedas chilli sauce too ^_^ Hurry, contest ends 17th January 2020!

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If you could punish this type of behaviour, what kinda punishment would you put in place? Be creative!

Do you remember which movie you were watching, and when?

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