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[SURVEY] How different are the behaviours of Msian uni students, then & now? Tell us :)

There’s a truth universally acknowledged that college/university/basically any tertiary education life is where all the fun is. It’s not just ditching boring uniforms of your secondary schooling days, but being surrounded with like-minded people, studying a course that’ll determine your future, and having more freedom than ever before. 

It's also where you'll meet people of various backgrounds... some may end up being your friends forever!

It’s also where you’ll meet people of various backgrounds… some who may be your friends for life! Photo from Curtin University Sarawak FB page

So together with our friends at Curtin University Sarawak campus (yes, the Curtin from Australia), we wanted to find out more about Malaysian university students’ behaviour and more. Not just current students, but even ex-students or graduates 🙂

What’s the weekend like: chilling in mamak, quiet night at home or partying in Zouk? How much would you spend on a cup of coffee? How many sleep in classes? Do students prefer studying in a library or with friends at home? Are today’s graduates more mature than graduates from the 90s or 2000s?

Tell us in our fun survey and we’ll reward 5 lucky respondents with movie tickets 😉

If the image above doesn’t appear, just click here to take the 5-minute survey! 



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