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Original CILISOS team leaving, handing reins to new young millenial team

Dear ugaiz,

After 3 long years, CILISOS has reached another turning point. As I turn 38 this year, I’ve come to realise that I’m no longer in touch with all the things millennials talk about anymore – and you readers have noticed the same.

too young

Also, we’ve been receiving lots of complaints about our over-coverage of unimportant stuff like politics and art and environment and culture, which we’ve come to realise are all topics that only old people read.

ugaiz old

Yea i know.. not that funny. So retire lo.

Unfortunately, older audiences are disappearing and migrating, so in order to survive, CILISOS needs to reinvent itself to stay connected to the young and vibrant millennials of our society. We need to write about the cost of living, and hipster coffee, and SPM and other things that really matter in their young, useful lives.

leaving cilisos

Something i posted earlier this month

Couple that with the fact that original staff members have been putting out amazingly mature content everyday for the last 3 years, it’s time for us to take a long deserved break. 

So with immediate effect, anyone over the age of 27 will be leaving CILISOS, to be replaced by the new Editor-in-Chief, Iqbal Fatkey. I’ve had many conversations with Iqbal over the course of the last few months to ensure that CILISOS maintains the same goal of educating people, albeit much younger people from now on.


Iqbal and I having a discussion about the future direction of CILISOS

And in these conversations, it seems Iqbal gets it – both the original intentions of CILISOS, and what millenials wanna talk about. So you’ll see today that has a new look, and a new style of articles. Hopefully this will help all you young people to stay informed about Malaysia and which cafe has the best coffee.

Check out the new improved, young and hip!

Srsly, go check out the new improved, young and hip!

“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way” – some old 90s song 80% of our readers never heard before

Ok… *sigh*. It’s your baby now, millenials.

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Take care of her,


38-year old former Editor of

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