Aaaaand the results of CILISOS AWARDS 2014 (Part 2 – Readers’ Choice!)


Thanks you all ugaiz out there who voted, we’re ready to honor the people, issues, and things that made 2014 a great year for us! Of course, we’ve also got Part 1 of the awards (INTERNAL-TOTALLY-NON-SCIENTIFIC Awards here), which were voted on by the CILISOS staff.

We know you’re itching to know who won what, so we’ll just go straight into it – but after dramatic intro voiceover la.


Laaaaaadies and-a gentlemen, presenting the winner of the CILISOS Awards twenty-fourrrrteen. May we have the drumroll please?

From noelandtheworld.blogspot.com


Okay okay let’s start.

Readers’ Choice Awards

1. Most Newsworthy IndividualMost-NewsworthyYour votes:       1

Honorary speech by: Chak

In a very politically charged year, it was surprising to me that Tan Sri Tony won this part. We suspect it’s partially because of the Qz8501 tragedy, which we suspect also generated an article that crashed our servers for the first time. Don’t get us wrong though, Tony is by no means NOT-newsworthy – when it’s not his airline, he often gets quoted on his QPR or former CaterhamF1 ownerships, or his crossdressing bets.

image from metro.co.uk

image from metro.co.uk

The thing is, unlike most of the other guys on this list, he’s not being covered for CONTROVERSY. And this speaks volumes for the man – to make headlines just by being… himself. Notice how there are no faces attached to MAS or SIA, but whenever someone talks about AirAsia, they talk about Tony Fernandes. He’s articulate, but more than that, he’s sincere, transparent and to the point. And for that, we are damn kow happy that our readers have picked him to be our most newsworthy individual.



2. Most Try-to-be-Newsworthy IndividualTry-to-be-newsworthyYour votes:     2

Honorary speech by: Jo-Lyn

Congrats Ridhuan Tee, you actually won something. Your efforts to be Most Try-To-Be Newsworthy Individual have finally paid off. So why is Ridhuan not newsworthy, but try-to-be? Maybe you guys can answer that… it’s because we actually want to read real news of things good or bad and NOT stuff like:

“Let the world laugh at us as long as we take good care of the country and its people. Haven’t the western nations become the laughing stock of the world for reducing human dignity to a level lower than that of animals in the name of democracy, with their tolerance of LGBT and homosexual relations and marriages?”Ridhuan Tee.

Or making a stab at Teresa Kok’s outfit? (Why you even gotta go there man? You secretly repressed??)

The runner up for this category is Ibrahim Ali, whom I’m not sure is a hero to Malays and Islam or hero to us all (please read CILISOS article and digest so you won’t be too shocked)? He founded Perkasa, blamed ‘neglectful’ wives for Malaysian men’s extramarital affairs, and threatened to start a Nerf war with Christians. Trying to hard? We think so. Thanks for the laughs, Datuk.

3. Topics That Have Been Talked About Too MuchTopic-Talked-Too-MuchYour votes:     3

Honorary speech by: Lydia

On a personal level, I agree with the first two choices – what ever happened to the good old days where we lived in one accord, respecting and even embracing different cultures and beliefs? We didn’t need a tacky marketing slogan for unity, we were just united from the heart.

Not sure if we can ever bring that beautiful part of Malaysia’s past back, but here’s hoping 2015 sees less destructive comments… We’ve been through so much as a nation, so it’s time to band together in peace to rebuild what we seem to be losing by the decade: harmony.


4. Topics That Have Not Been Talked About EnoughTopic-Not-Talked-About-EnoughYour votes:     4

Honorary speech by: Chak

We always knew this would be a tricky award because so many issues aren’t talked about enough, and sure enough we got A LOT of entries on this one including 1MDB, inflation and even waste collection! Let you know a secret. This is actually our way of seeing what to cover for 2015! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.

And more than anything else, you guys are asking for more coverage of Moderation. AWWWWW. That’s exactly the business we’re in PEEPUR! We’ve always felt that Malaysia is getting more and more divided. The thing is, a hardcore DAP supporter will never convince a hardcore UMNO supporter or vice versa. What we need are the people in the middle to make things a bit less hardcore, and to take the time to understand the other side’s point of view.

Other topics we agree should be covered more are deforestation (which we’ve started to already, and will be more), and Malaysian success stories (which we’ve also started doing). Keep all that feedback coming. If you feel there’s something you’d like to see covered, email [email protected] with the subject “Y U NO COVER DIS CILISOS!” and we’ll get on the case!

5. Most Unnecessary QuoteMost-Unnecessary-QuoteYour votes:     9

Honorary speech by: Jo-Lyn

Honestly…why??? What was so necessary about bringing something so ugly as racism into something so noble as sports? Riddy, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

How we know it’s not necessary? Because people really hated it! Especially Malaysians who so happen to be ethnically Chinese. Because you are putting words into people’s mouths that they wouldn’t support sportsmen based on their race.

To prove this, people put up memes like “If Ridhuan Tee plays with Misbun, we will cheer for Misbun”… clearly proving that Malaysian Chinese would not support an ethnic Chinese like him over Misbun! Hahhhhhh!

Just to add, here’s a quick honorable mention to our PM’s kangkung remark which came in second place. Ya, coz like kangkung is absolutely vital to human survival right? So this quote was unnecessary probably because WHO CARES about kangkung prices?! Now if it were property prices or private college fees on the other hand…

Anyway it really got people’s goat. People did a YouTube remixMcKangkung dan lain-lain.

People were upset that the PM and cabinet’s comments were insensitive to the struggle of rising costs. In fact, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Hasan Malek had earlier suggested that people eat fish or meat to because chicken price went up. Hmmmm, now why does that familiar? Oh right, Marie Antoinette on hearing that her people had no bread allegedly said “let them eat cake”… Of course this has ever been proven.


6. Best Sponsored ContentSponsored-contentYour votes:      8

Honorary speech by: Chak

Every website needs to make a living. Some do it with banner ads, some with  advertorials, some by selling your data to the Gomen and a lucky few by getting its readers to pay for content (*sniff*). Well as for us, we’re trying something different: generating content that our clients can use to relate to our readers without (hopefully) selling bekside. And so far, it’s worked pretty well, with each piece of content getting anywhere from 1500 shares all the way to 7000 shares per campaign (yes we’re bragging to other potential advertisers. Shhh.)

Surprisingly this year, it was a SUPER close competition, with the Hotlink-Sponsored Strangest Dishes losing out by just one or two votes to our eventual winner, Tiger Beer’s Malaysians and Their Secret Identities. Actually, this was one of the scariest campaigns we ran last year, cos we weren’t sure if people would take the time to join. Thankfully, they did (although less than most of our other contests), and the entries were really really cool lor! We really hope that we can continue offering these kinds of content partnerships (as we like to call them), without compromising our editorial so what we’re really saying is…


PS: Props to Lydia for the original idea for the Tiger contest.


7. Most Balanced MediaMost-Balanced-MediaYour votes:     11

Honorary speech by: Chak

BALANCED FRIGGIN MEDIA. Congrats BFM 89.9! In a very polarising year, you guys have been voted by our audience as Malaysia’s most balanced media! Not only that, but sometimes you intellect is blow our minds!

The reason we have this award is because we feel that people need to know the truth behind issues, and the only way that you can trust the truth is if it’s not one-sided. It’s something we really really believe in, which is why we’re damn happy we won 2nd place even though we didn’t put our names as one of the nominees. Why didn’t we? Cos malu la aiyo.
Luckily someone else did. Thanks ugaiz!


8. Article Most Likely to Get Us in JailMost-likely-to-get-us-in-jailYour votes:     7

Honorary speech by: Johannan aka Hans aka The Intern

Is it any surprise that this has won? The article that played the biggest role in Ariff becoming our most flamed writer rightfully takes its place as the article most likely to get us in jail! Now please excuse us as we go remove it from our site.


9. Most WTF ArticleMost-WTF-Article

Your votes:     6

Honorary speech by: Chak

Yes, even in Malaysia, once in a while, we have slow news days. Actually, there’s a big part of our CILISOS writer’s guide that states every article should have a purpose. And here we have 6 articles that obviously don’t. Actually, our winner Too Pong got small small purpose la – we absolutely love the way he pooh-poohs the whole ALS Challenge (which we ourselves did… kinda), and yet says “OKLA. You want me to do, I do. BETTER”.

And he absolutely marks his territory with it, saving water by using his own pee to make the ice cubes. EPIC.


10. Favorite CILISOS WriterFavorite-WriterYour votes:     10

Honorary speech by: UiHua

Oh wow you guys. I’m equal parts surprised and humbled by this. When the poll first started, I was so far behind that I didn’t think I was able to spoof enough unique IP addresses to catch up to the other awesome writers that we have here at CILISOS.

This might sound cheesier than my Form 3 Valentine’s Day card to my school crush, but I’m very thankful for the guidance and numerous rewrite instructions from Chak and Lydia, and the ideas and input from everyone else since this is my first writing job. I can’t recount the number of times I’ve been lost not knowing what to do only to have Chak come over and smack me in the head, saying “DO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO SELLING PAINT? DO YOU? DO YOU?!”

I’m kidding about paint part of course. I used to sell industrial chemicals.


11. Best Badly Photoshopped ImageBadly-photoshopped-imageYour votes:     5

Honorary Speech by: Lydia

FYI ugaiz, Superibrahim.jpeg was artistically done by Uihua. Superibra-what? Yeah, we were trying to visualise Ibrahim Ali as a hero after he called himself a hero to Malays and Islam.

In other news, bad Photoshopping is slowly becoming the hallmark of this crazy website y’all keep visiting. Small site no graphic designer mar.

Well, actually, we do have a freelance designer and that’s none other than the awesome Dominic Chin. (He’s the guy who did ‘7 reasons why Santa might not come to Malaysia‘ and ‘7 Malaysian news headlines turned into horror movies‘!) But we’re a new publication with a small bajet for graphics, so we abuse make use of Chak and Uihua as much as we can.

Oh and just to add, Chak did the Wedding Crashers image which came in second place and lost to Uihua, again. Oh! So close!


And crash it they did!


12. CILISOS Hero of the YearHero-of-the-yearYour votes:     12

Honorary speech by: Jo-Lyn

Yes, that means EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who’ve helped out. This year’s flood disaster may have been the worst of the worst, but Malaysians were at their best of the best. Everyone mobilised to give help in different ways – the military, hospital staff, NGOs, ordinary citizens. Some people were even forming ad hoc groups to come up with donations for the victims. Way to go, Malaysian heroes! *Wipes tear away from one eye*

But on that note, “I want to touch a dog” organizer Syed Azmi is a real hero in so many ways too! First he got off his chair and did something after watching a video of a blind man and his guide dog being mistreated. Then his event got participants to put aside their fears and misconceptions about dogs. Then he bore the lashing with dignity and even had to apologise for it. Through it all, he has survived some really nasty comments and even death threats. That’s why you guys also voted for Syed Azmi as your hero! *Wipes tear away from other eye*

BTW, here’s a bonus award, for another CILISOS troll.

13. Most Trolly Poll SuggestionTrolly-poll-suggestion

Honorary speech by: Johannan aka Hans aka The Intern

As many of you would have noticed, we allowed user submitted answers on a few of our questions and quite frankly, we were expecting to get some troll answers la.

And y’all did not disappoint!

Our winner would definitely had to go to the answer of Buck Angel, which appeared on almost every other poll question. What is Buck Angel you ask? We won’t say. Google at your own risk. *Hint: It’s a person*

(CILISOS note: See? This is why we can’t have nice things  :-?)


So those are our categories in which ugaiz voted for. Because we had some categories that we felt would be a bit hard to get you guys to vote for since they were a bit more internal, we did some voting of our own, so click here for The CILISOS INTERNAL AWARDS!!!!!

Awright, so that concludes our awards for 2014! Thanks again to all of you out there who continue to support/flame/troll us, and see you again for next year’s awards! 😀



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