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6 other logical reasons Najib should step down besides 1MDB

The papaya hit the fan a looong time ago, and now we’re just finding orange chunks here and there with every new plot twist happening around 1MDB! Yep, this pretty much sums up politics in Malaysia today. It’s great that everyone is busy keeping their eyes on the BIGGEST scandal to ever hit the nation and we shouldn’t give up until it’s all over…

BUUUUT… we’re sure you’ve probably heard enough about 1MDB by now, and since the authorities are actively shutting down anything with the word 1MDB in it, we thought we’d look elsewhere for a juicy story. In fact, let’s take 1MDB out of the equation, and see if Najib still has good reasons to step down.

DISCLAIMURZ: First off, let us just say BEFORE YOU SEDITION US, please  beratur sedition Dr. Mahathir, UMNO Gelang Patah, Lim Guan Eng, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, numerous protestors, and 1 in every 3 commenters on Najib’s Facebook page for asking Najib to resign.



Whew. READY?

OK, from this line onwards, no more mentions of 1MDB as the reason Najib should step down.



1. Our economy is the worst-performing in Asia

ringgit lowest exhange to us dollar

Hah, now RM4 for US$1?? Image from The Malaysian Insider

Yep it finally happened… US$1 is now RM4, after we did a quick check on In fact, our ringgit is the WORST-performing Asian currency for 2015, dropping 20% since last year and hitting a 17-year low record. While some say other currencies are also dropping, they’re not dropping quite as fast as our poor Ringgit. But is that Najib’s fault? Well…Nomura Holdings analysts told CNBC that they actually expect Najib to keep his position and policy direction.

“This should mean that the uncertainty levels, even though they may rise further from here, will eventually fall in the coming months. The weak sentiment, though, is likely to persist, we believe, as the eroded trust will take a long time to rebuild (if at all).” – Nomura Holdings to CNBC, 5 Aug 2015

And thanks to lousy global oil prices and politics, ING predicts that Malaysia is set to be “Asia’s underperformer” economically for the remainder of the season. Of course, this one kenot directly place on the Prime Minister… but how about the FINANCE MINISTER, which Najib is as well!? We talked in a previous article about how Malaysia is TOO reliant on oil and gas. So when global oil prices jatuh, we also big time gone case.

Well, at least Najib apologised for the Finance Ministry’s mistakes at a recent Hari Raya open house.

“If there are any mistakes, kekhilafan (misjudgements) or rudeness all this while, both I and (Finance Minister 2) Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah would like to seek apology and forgiveness,” Najib Razak, The Sun Daily


2. World leaders have been advised to steer clear of him (!)

TIME magazine article obama avoid najib

Screenshot of TIME’s article

Recently, UK PM David Cameron made a trip to Malaysia to boost ties with countries in Southeast Asia. But The Guardian reported that he received criticism for making an alliance with Najib at a time when he’s involved in escalating corruption scandals.

He’s not the only world leader advised to stay away from Najib. Even TIME wrote an article stating 5 reasons why Obama should steer clear of our PM. Here’s the gist:

  1. ER… that sovereign wealth fund… thereeee you know.. the one very big and got one bald fler as CEO with goatee one thereeeee….
  2. Anwar Ibrahim
  3. Hudud
  4. Altantuya
  5. POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act)

Geez No. 5 is kinda ironic considering the US has its own Patriot Act! We know they both got close after their lil’ golf bonding session, but we don’t know if Obama will heed TIME’s advice? We didn’t find a response from him to the article.

Additionally, we found an article from stating that the Philippines and other ASEAN nations too would suffer as a result of its ties with Malaysia.


3. His name is racked with scandals


Where do we begin with this? Najib’s name has popped up in many scandals. He had a scandal even before he became PM. Remember the Scorpene submarines deals in 2002 when he was still Defence Minister? Suaram rights group alleged that French prosecutors investigated the case and found there was corruption in sealing the deal.

After becoming PM, scandals followed his name – from Altantuya’s murder, to buying a new private jet, to Rosmah’s US$24 million (RM73.48 million) diamond ring. Then there was a huge one when Wikileaks exposed Najib, Pak Lah, Mahathir and other officials’ names in a corrupt bank notes deal with 2 Australian companies. This was the case where Australia banned its own media from reporting it to ‘protect diplomatic ties’.

Wahlau. Barack Obama call someone a little lady also kena scandal. Bill Clinton too friendly with an intern also kena IMPEACH.

Here, we have a Prime Minister that’s closely linked to a brutal murder, accused of pocketing money for purchase of submarines, AND of course pocketing some billion dollar donations… and he’s still in power. What makes these scandals even worse are that…


4. He’s unwilling to answer questions…willingly

najib-nothign2hide. Image from Free Malaysia Today

Najib was a no-show at the Nothing2 Hide forum. Image from Free Malaysia Today

When a public figure is hit with a scandal, the correct thing to do would be to explain himself to the public, right?

We checked his earliest scandal, the Scorpene submarine one, but the Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) an anti-graft organisation confirmed that he was never held accountable for it. When Mahathir went against Najib, he said: “A Prime Minister must be seen to be clean and able to explain and answer questions and to be good for the country. Najib cannot even answer and has not answered any question, beyond exercising elegant silence, or saying the allegations are not true.”

After that Najib came up with an FAQ to address some of these issues on his website. Unfortunately his answers didn’t answer anything and they didn’t satisfy the public, or Mahathir. When interviewed on TV, he picked a friendly station, and even had a pre-recorded interview, so got chance to rewind if needed.

Then Najib promised that he’ll answer more questions at Nothing2 Hide forum, but we all know how that went down.

If you do want to see him doing a hard interview tho, check this one out from our buddies at Al Jazeera in 2013. Ironically, he was asked if he was willing to debate with Anwar, and here was his reply…

“Debate is only one form of reaching out to the people, it’s not the only way. It’s not likely we’ll have a debate because what’s important is we engage the people.” – Najib Razak to Al Jazeera, 2013.

Maybe that’s why…


5. Even his own people aren’t speaking up for him that much

Even his own UMNO constituents from Gelang Patah are asking for his resignation

Even his own UMNO constituents from Gelang Patah are asking for his resignation – Image via TMI

Of course, there are those that do support Najib vehemently, although most of them are the ones that recently got promoted.

But what about the ones that didn’t…First, let’s talk about his former BFF and No. 2, Muhyiddin. In this video, the ex-DPM was heard saying 8 shocking things even before he was fired. Here’s one:

“Kalau ini tidak diatasi dengan segera, ia akan jadi the last straw on the camel’s back.” – Muhyiddin

And he said all this during an UMNO meet where Najib wasn’t there! Could that have been the first sign of cracks? But it was his speech at the Cheras UMNO meet that landed Muhyiddin in hot soup and he was immediately outtie at the next Cabinet reshuffle. So what, that’s just 1 guy right? But ex-Information Minister Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin revealed the 2 sides of the camp – Muhyiddin’s and Najib’s supporters are now engaged in open war. Seems Muhyiddin is not alone after all.

muhyiddin friendzoned

Image from

On top of this, Mahathir talked about the task force investigating the thing we’re not mentioning: “Najib was clearly uncomfortable with the investigations carried out by the task force. The members seemed to be too independent. Najib could not control them.”  That same agency, the MACC recently even bromance with DAP! This happened after MACC office kena raided by the police and 2 of their officials were arrested. The incident led their boss Datuk Bahri Mohamad Zain to say:

“I will find the perpetrators who are ordering the arrests. By God, I will find the perpetrators till kingdom come.” – Datuk Bahri, The Malaysian Insider

MACC are even showing signs they wanna tell many, many secrets to the rakyat, but kenot coz too dangerous. So Najib has lost the MACC too (even though by right the organisation shoulda been independent to begin with).

Ok bear with us, LAST example…we promise… Federal Territory Umno official Shahbudin Husin claimed in his blog that dissatisfaction towards Najib has spread so widely in UMNO, that only the 191 divisional heads – and not all of them at that – are still defending him.

Another Wanita UMNO member from Langkawi’s video went viral with quotes like Najib has urinated on 3 million Umno members” and “Najib should go for treatment”

Wah. Of course if even your own people are doing it…


6. The rakyat are confirm losing patience

KITA_LAWAN_protest-undur_Najib Image from The Malaysian Insider

Is this hint strong enough? Image from TMI

You would think people holding placards saying ‘Undur Najib’ and Najib’s head with kangkung in his mouth would give him a clue about how people feel, right? Malaysia has never seen so many political rallies to force a PM to resign before Najib’s time. We even found the UK government’s travel website warning tourists about political rallies:

uk british government travel website

Taken from UK govt site

We see people voicing their dissatisfaction on social media all the time too. Practically every comment on Najib’s Facebook has looked like this for a long time:

Najib Razak letak jawatan comments

It’s almost impossible to find praise on Najib’s Facebook now

Clearly the rakyat have issues with him remaining as PM if that’s the huge chunk of feedback he gets on social media. Remember Merdeka Center, the guys who regularly keep track of Najib’s approval rating? In the last check they did, Najib’s ratings fell to 44% in January from 48% in October 2014. If they did another one, we wonder how it would look like.


So the question is…why doesn’t Najib seem to listen?

Stuff we hear about in the news that throws shade on Najib’s name is like a daily occurrence now. We don’t know if he can even recover from this disaster as he’s originally planning to. You might even find it hard to believe that anyone still supports him. But he still got support la…

Najib supporters in Sabah

Proof! Image from The Star

In fact, some police and army veterans have spoken up in support of him, and Najib recently thanked Pak Lah for his support too (although Pak Lah also ask Najib to answer la Mahathir’s questions). In fact, The Star quoted him making it very clear that he ain’t going nowhere while he still has support, at a gathering with 40,000 people in Tawau, Sabah:

“I was elected Prime Minister in a democratic way and no one individual has the right to ask me to step down.” – Najib in The Star

Image from Malaysia Chronicle_censored

GST protester iz very very angry. Image from Malaysia Chronicle

the 100k people asking for Najib's resignation has hit more than 244k members!

The 100k people asking for Najib’s resignation has hit more than 244k members!

Well homey, we think it’s more than one individual. First off, there are 244,000 members of the 100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation facebook page. As a frame of comparison, the biggest Najib support page we could find was this… “We Support Najib Razak” one with about 15,000 members.

Merdeka Center is due to release its latest approval rates and it’s pretty much the same kinda decline since GE13.

So how now for Najib? In a public way of advising the PM, Former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim said he better just throw in the towel now to salvage something of his life as PM. If he does, Zaid said it would be his finest hour! But honestly, the rakyat just want Malaysia to get better and for relations among the people to heal.

So even without mentioning a certain sovereign fund, there are ample reasons for Prime Minister Najib to no longer represent Malaysia. And now, we switch back to your regular channel…


1MDB everywhere toy story meme

Wait. America might be refunding confiscated 1MDB funds back to Malaysian rakyat!?


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